How Wikipedia Describes Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings LLC is a company which provides clients with alternative financing services. Established in 2202, the company lends to businesses using public traded stock as the security. When clients fully repay their loans, the company gives back the share certificates that they held as security. This enables its clients to financé their professional as well as personal financial goals. The company has clients from across the world. Since its inception, the company has successfully completed over seven hundred transactions. The transactions involves companies offering clients with a high loan-to-value at affordable and fixed interest rates. Currently, the company has offices in over nine countries across the world. Additionally, the company has wholly owned subsidiaries such as Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First (London) Limited, and Equities Holdings Hong Kong Limited. Recently, the company opened new branches in Australia and India. These new branches are meant to serve its customers with integrity and professionals so that customers have a great experience while transacting with the company and more


Neurocore Is Helping People With Depression One Treatment At A Time

Many people live each day with depression that has been marginalized, misdiagnosed, or even untreated. Depression can happen at any stage of life and should be treated as a serious medical condition. The following is a list everyone should know about depression:

There is no one cause for depression. Stressful events can cause this disease. So can a pre existing genetic factor. Many things can contribute to the start of depression. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

There are different types of depression. Not every case of depression is the same. There is Seasonal Effective Disorder, low sunlight in the winter months can cause this type. Postpartum Depression affects many new moms every year. Major Depressive Disorder is characterized by feeling low with no self esteem daily for at least two weeks. And the last, Persistent Depressive Disorder is more long lasting depression without the bad lows of a major depressive episode.

Sign and symptoms are not always obvious, but will take a toll on the body. Depressive people may have unusual sleep patterns, lethargy, weight fluctuations, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and bad fatigue. Over time, the body may suffer from digestive issues, shortness of breath, tension and headaches. Follow Neurocore on

Depression most often affects 15 – 44 year olds and is the second leading cause of suicide. Feelings of hopelessness can lead to drastic events.

The good news is there is a place the can help provide biofeedback techniques to retrain the brain away from negative pathways that have formed. There is a cure for even the most severe depression. Neurocore has been working with neuro feedback to essentially retrain the brain off of it’s learned negative pathways by having client’s brains make lasting, positive choices during neuro feedback sessions.

Neurocore has been helping people retrain their brains for years. Neurocore does offer facilities across the bottom portion of Michigan and the lowest part of Florida. Neurocore also treats other mental health disorders. To visit Neurocore and read about their program or to take a mental health assessment, please click here.


George Soros’ Stunning and Breathtaking Success Life Story

George Soros is a renowned philanthropist known for his massive donations worldwide. George is a successful and highly respected fund hedge manager and entrepreneur. Mr. Soros also holds the chairman position of the Open Society Foundations which he founded to help people all over the world. He funds the Central European University, a regional center in Budapest that is leading in social sciences. Open Society Foundations advocates for different social aspects such as governments which are accountable for their actions, freedom of expression, and promoting equality and justice in societies. The group has funded other institutions such as schools and universities to help students who might lack an excellent education due to discrimination. According to an article published by the Open Society Foundations, George Soros’ charitable actions are inspired by his childhood experience.

According to another article published by Business Insider, George is the target to numerous conspiracy theories which are not true. George, 86 years old, is accused of secretly controlling the political and financial sectors of the globe but no evidence has been found. Mr. Soros is among the wealthiest individuals in the world, and he has been involved with several investments that have yielded massive profits. During the 1990s, George used his brilliant investment ideas which earned him over a billion dollars, leaving England’s monetary system broke. He also did the same in Asia and reaped enormous profits. The wealth George has accumulated over the years is the reason why he’s always targeted. He is worth approximately $ 25 billion which was achieved from hard work. Read more on

George Soros is initially from Hungary and was born in 1930. He survived the Nazi period having been born in a Jewish family. The war claimed more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. Soros’ father purchased false identity papers that showed they were Christians and it helped the family survive the whole ordeal. George later moved to London in 1947 and joined the London School of Economics. To pay the school fees, he had to work as a night-club waiter as well as a railway porter. Mr. Soros received a Bachelor of Science in philosophy, and later in 1954, he acquired a Master of Science in Philosophy. He tried to find work, but it was difficult, fortunately in 1954 a job offer at the Singer & Friedlander bank of London helped. Soros’ career in the financial world began from there, and in 1956, he again moved to the United States to continue pursuing his path. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros is also affiliated with several political activities. In 2014, Soros donated cash to groups that were against George Bush’s reelection. In 2017, he also funded campaigns against Donald Trump’s election. However, he gave money to support Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Under George Soros’ leadership, Open Society Foundations has helped many people facing discrimination in their community.


Who Could Have Known the Power of Securus Technologies

When it comes to making a prison more secure, the work usually falls in the laps of the corrections officers. When you are dealing with a prison where the inmate population has exploded to dangerous levels, these inmates think that they are in charge. The violence tends to escalate, and that spills over to innocent officers, guests, staff, and other inmates too. When things reach this tipping point, we as officers and the jail as a whole have to start making use of resources that will give us back the edge as far as safety goes.


To that point, our superiors felt we had to reach out to Securus Technologies for some much needed help. Over the years, we were having trouble listening to the inmates on the jail phones because of our limited staff versus the amount of officers using the phones all day. One advantage to working with Securus Technologies is their call monitoring system is run using their LBS software, and can scan every call by every inmate instantaneously. When anything from contraband to weapons is being discussed, we will get the alert and me and my fellow officers will take instant action.


Securus Technologies works out of Dallas, Texas, and the employees are all committed to the objective of CEO Richard Smith, making this world safer for all. When we were fully up and running, we headed back on the floor and within hours were getting alerts to activities that needed attention. Calls that were detected ranged from inmates talking about using drugs in their cells at night, buying drugs in the yard, to acquiring prescription drugs from family at the guest center. Now if we get any type of alert, we take action instantly and find that we have been able to curb violence in a big way.


Mighty Fortress Church: Come as You Are

Minnesota is home to some breath taking views. Among these views sit some beautiful churches with rich history and stunning architecture. Let’s start our journey with Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This 1916 built Rural Gothic style church was designed in honor of an iconic church in Cambridge, England. With its centered steeple and various pointed spires, Hennepin Ave United Methodist church is not easy to pass without stopping to take its historic beauty in.

If you’re ever in Cold Spring, Minnesota be sure to make a trip out to Assumption Chapel. The story of this church is not only fascinating, but memorable. Referred to as the Grasshopper Chapel, Assumption Chapel’s original building from 1870 was destroyed in a tornado. Assumption was rebuilt in 1951 after a long day of prayer and in response to the ending of a grasshopper plague. This amazing structure stands as a memorial for the answered prayer to the end of the plague. Visit to know more.

Stella Marie Chapel on St. John’s University in Collegeville will not let you down either. Set on a peninsula across Lake Sagatagan, viewers either need to walk a mile or canoe across this scenic lake to experience this charming little church. The original structure was lost due to a fire in 1900 but rebuilt in 1915 by benedictine monks. Adventure seekers, locals, and just about any walk of life should take in the glory that is Stella Marie Chapel.

While these examples of historic beauty are hard to beat, Mighty Fortress Church is offering a different more modern approach to the word and worship of God. Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Mighty Fortress is devoted to a come as your approach in getting to know God. Staying connected to community through outreach and uniting everyone through the life changing power of the holy spirit is a big part of their core values. Watch this video on Youtube.

Led by Bishop Thomas Williams and his wife Sabrina, Mighty Fortress inspires people to come together under multifaceted and multidimensional ministries that include; support groups, outreach programs, and more, for all ages, ethnic backgrounds and social environments.

Mighty Fortress International Church is becoming known by it’s phenomenal praise band, revelatory and powerful-instructional teaching, original modern style worship services and integrated cultural backgrounds. With a mission to celebrate God’s purpose and power in people’s lives, this is an experience everyone should encounter.


Curious about Forex? Talk to Greg Secker.

Perhaps you have heard that investments and trading are a smart way to make money. But you’re not a math whiz and you don’t have all day to look at charts, right? According to Greg Secker, forex trading may be just the thing for you.

The term “forex” refers to the foreign exchange market. Unlike the stock market, forex is always available and accessible to the average person. With the stagnating wage growth, low interest rates and inflation, Secker says that now is the perfect time for you to get into the forex market.

Forex trading takes place over the Internet and there is software that helps you get going. The starting costs to get into trading are low and there are opportunities to practice before you take the plunge.

There is a misconception that the forex market is unsafe. However, Greg Secker points out that having proper strategies and mindset ensure that the market is safe. In fact, you can see a profit whether there are upward or downward trends in the market. It is important to keep your emotions out of it and be realistic in your goals. While he insists that there is no overall “best indicator” for when you should buy or sell, you should find the strategy that works best for you and then stick with it. Some of the indicators that you might use include the Stochastic Oscillator, Bollinger Bands, and economic calendars.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from England. He started his career with Thomas Cook Financial Services. Secker created the Virtual Trading Desk and now owns Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, and Capital Index. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation with a goal of improving the lives of people worldwide.

Secker now gives seminars to help others achieve financial independence through forex trading. He recommends attending one of these seminars to determine what indicators might be best for you to use to see success in the forex market. With so many awards for his educational tools, learning from him is clearly an investment in your financial future.

Dr. Imran Haque: Offering Internal Medicine with a Personal Touch

If you are a resident of Asheboro, you can’t fail to recognize the services of Dr. Haque more if you have needed internal medicine services. Dr. Imran Haque is a well-known medical doctor who offers outstanding medical services with a specialty in internal medicine. He holds a medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). The doctor also has an M.D from the University of Virginia.

Dr. Haque is a very dedicated person towards the welfare of his patients. He offers his services at the Horizon Internal Medicine facility situated in Asheboro, North Carolina. He has been treating patients suffering from various ailments which have given him a diverse experience in the field of internal medicine.

His motive for starting the facility was driven by his need to help people live better and fulfilling lives through his medical practice. He says he wanted to expand the horizons of his community regarding medical care by providing the kind of medical services that are not offered locally. The response he received from the satisfied patients who had had a taste of his services motivated him even further.

The kind of technology used in the Horizon Internal Medicine facility has made it a state of the art facility. He offers both ultrasound and laboratory services. His dedication to offering the best quality medical services makes him do thorough checkups and regular checkups to get the right diagnosis for his patients. This plus other top-notch services at the facility has made it the most respected and most preferred facility as it regards to internal medicine care in the greater North Carolina region.

His attention to detail and extensive experience spanning almost two decades is a surety for better medical results. In addition to his experience, his readiness to cooperate with other doctors and specialists has made it possible for the facility to offer professional Medicare to patients seeking specialized medical assistance.

Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in the recent years into the human life is a widely discussed topic across the world. While many of the discussions are showcasing optimism and the advancement of human life with the help of the technology, there are also apprehensions due to the loss of jobs, complex systems, and more. Everyone has accepted that AI is going to rule the area of technology innovation in the coming years, and practically, no industry can neglect it in future. However, it is determined that the scalability of advancement with AI is different in various sectors. It means that some industries may see changes in greater extent while others see it at a lesser magnitude.

In that regard, E-commerce and digital marketing are two areas that would see revolutionary changes with the implementation of AI. The technology is improvising multi-variate testing efforts in the case of e-commerce services and digital marketing campaigns. The tests, which are also known as a type of A/B tests, with the help of AI would complete it in few days – previously, manual multi-variate tests were taking months to complete and drive the results. In E-commerce sites, the tests are conducted extensively to understand the best website designing aspects, features, and more that can drive responsive and optimized site for driving better sales results from the customers.

The results and better redesigning helped the online stores to ensure better customer engagement as well. It also ensured a pivotal role in the customer experience and their satisfaction at the end. With the introduction of the AI technology, the entire process is going to be more efficient and quicker in providing the accurate results. Digital marketing, including SEO campaigns, was also using manual multi-variate testing to identify the most optimized SEO campaigning processes and strategies. Though it was giving desired results, the manual process was highly time-consuming.

AI is again changing the fate of multi-variate testing in digital marketing campaigns. It created optimized campaigns for each SEO and PPC ads to drive improved page ranking and highest click-through-rate. Another significant area is email marketing, and the introduction of AI in multi-variate tests have helped the marketers to generate millions of email campaigns in a short span of time – a highly time-consuming process when it was done manually. Additionally, it also ensured more customized campaigns reflecting the individual needs of each customer by taking inputs from customer data ecosystem. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

Rocketship Education and Andre Agassi Have Teamed Up To Open Rocketship Rise Academy

When most people hear the name Andre Agassi they think of one of the best tennis players to ever play the game.

What many fail to realize is just how much Agassi has dedicated his life to giving back to those in need.

In 2016 Agassi teamed up with Rocketship Education to develop Rocketship Rise Academy, a charter school that is located in the Woodland Terrace neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

And when the school opened in the fall of 2016, Andre was there to help celebrate the opening of this facility by attending and participating in the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

When asked about public education Agassi was quoted as saying, “It’s unfortunately a very daunting societal issue.” He also said that children deserve a good education which is why he wanted to be a part of this project.

According to Agassi, it was when he reached a low point in his own life that he decided he wanted to start helping others by developing charter schools.

At the time Agassi’s career was going down. He was feeling disconnected from life and started to think about how much control we really have over our lives.

It was in that moment of disconnect that Agassi started thinking about underprivileged children and how they have no choice in their lives due to no fault of their own.

He realized that some children come from broken homes and aren’t raised in environments that are nurturing.

That is what ultimately inspired him to build his own K through 12 charter school in Las Vegas. He then went on to create a model that could be used to build schools all over the United States.

Working with Rocketship Education to build the Rocketship Rise Academy was just another step towards reaching his goal of building charter schools for children in need.

The Academy was his 69th school and Agassi says he has no plans of stopping. Between Rocketship Education and Andre Agassi, you can expect the education gap in the United States to get shorter and shorter as more children from low income families get access to a good education.


About Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a commonly known professional name in the financial industry. He is the current Vice President of AXA Advisors where he has had his impact for over 10 years. Mr. Parascandola’s role at AXA is to ensure that he develops the new and experienced people and assisting them to increase their productivity and efficiency. In addition to helping his employees to be productive, Mr. Vincent Parascandola is also the man in charge of recruitment, sales, management development, and retention.

He previously worked for an insurance firm by the name MONY Life Insurance where he worked for about 14 years. His first job was at Prudential where he worked for about 3 years. Being a rookie, his outstanding performance made him get recognized and he was awarded the National Rookie of the Year.

Vincent went to school at Pace University in New York where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science. He, later on, went to Lubin School of Business.

About AXA Advisors

It is known to be a leading financial company in the country. AXA Advisors is a branch of the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company that has its headquarters in New York. The Insurance Company is believed to be the best company that offers cover for life insurance and annuity products. This is evident as the company has been in existence since 1989 giving the best services to its clients and offering them with sustainable products.

In the modern day today, AXA Insurance is recognized as the fastest growing company at a rate of almost 15%. The company has seen other branches grow in other parts of the world which include Western Europe, Middle East, Northern America and the Asia-Pacific region. The company has attributed its growth to several factors but the main is the stability, great leadership and the reliability of the company by its clients. With the AXA advisors in place, the company has a belief that it definitely has a future. They are able to also do research on issues affecting them as a company.

Why AXA advisors

The financial professionals put the needs of the clients first and work around their needs and wants.

The AXA advisors are mostly finance specialists who have all the information you need and one does not need to wait for long before proper assistance and recommendations are given.

The professionals at the AXA advisors will always work with your plan and will help you make them better. You can visit his Facebook page to know more.

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