Eric Pulier: Bettering the world throught technology

Anything momentous that has been achieved on earth has been created by individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries into the unknown. From the iPhone to the Pyramids in Egypt innovator have made the impossible possible by creating things and experiences that many people thought were impossible. This trend is visible throughout history, mankind benefits when people think outside the box. Eric Pulier is one of these innovators transforming the world. He is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who is part of the revolution that is trying to change how people use technology.

It is hard to put Eric Pulier in a single box. Different people know him for different things. Apart from his work as a venture capitalist he is also a philanthropist and accomplished author. He finished high school at Teaneck in 1984 before going to Harvard where he graduated magna cum laude with BA in American Literature and English. During his stay at Harvard, Pulier was a regular columnist for the Harvard Crimson who explore an array of topics with a sense of humor and keen insight.

After graduating from Harvard in 1988, he has dedicated his life to helping the economically disadvantaged and assisted children who are afflicted by chronic diseases and conditions. Pulier moved into LA in 1991 where he founded a company name People Doing Things. The company concentrated on creating technological innovations for the education and healthcare sectors. In 1994 he founded Digital Evolution. Digital evolution was an interactive agency that later became part of US Interactive. One of the main highlights of Pulier’s career occurred in 1997 where he created a technology exhibit for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Pulier’s main aim is to use technology to make the world a better place. These are just some of the few companies that Pulier has created. He has been a founder or cofounder for 15 other companies, helping them raise millions of dollars in capital. Many publications have also recognized him as one of the world’s top technology visionaries.

Pulier is also active on the philanthropy front. He is always ready to help the less fortunate. He led the team that created a multimedia platform for Multiple Sclerosis Society. The platform has been used to educate thousands of people on multiple sclerosis.

About Eric Pulier:

Richard Mishaan Design Authoritatively Redefines Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is a well-known interior designer and architect. He is the proprietor and lead designer of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior décor company based in New York. His portfolio includes interior design for iconic buildings like the Trump World Towers and Shelborne Hotel in South Beach. Additionally, he is credited with decorating picturesque residences in Upper East Side, Tribeca and Soho.

His exceptional design has earned him a spot on various industry magazines such as Architectural Digest as well as Elle Décor. Richard Mishaan Design delivers lavish interiors adorned with vintage pieces, curated antiques and a brilliant use of vibrant colors for a breathtaking finish. The company serves the greater New York City area.

Under his leadership, Richard Mishaan Design has mastered the art lavish of interior design. The company employs unmatched design techniques that sets it apart from the competition. Its creations exude honest style, charm, and elegance. The firm has been in the industry for over twenty-five years. Richard Mishaan believes the beauty comes out in the details. He draws on rich cultural experiences from his upbringing in Columbia and Italy for inspiration.

Richard Mishaan Design serves clients in the commercial and residential sectors including the hospitality industry. The company specializes in architectural design, interior décor as well as landscaping. It employs an intelligent fusion of colors, eclectic design, and curated antiques. The company utilizes vintage elements adapted to contemporary design to deliver inviting spaces.

Richard Mishaan attended Columbia University School of Architecture as well as New York University. He started his architectural career working for industry firms such as Philip Johnson before launching Richard Mishaan Design. This exposure enabled him to gain invaluable experience that drives him to deliver world-class design.

Richard Mishaan appreciates luxury and quality in living and working spaces. His disruptive approach to design and interior décor ensure timeless marvels that are awe-inspiring and stunning. He has published two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury targeted at the interior design segment.


Fabletics is an athletic leisure brand. The online brand offers women and men luxurious and stylish working out clothes. The comfortable and quality brand is by American actress Kate Hudson. Fabletics has been able to grow thanks to their crowd user reviews approach to marketing the athleisure brand expansively. Through the consumer reviews, Fabletics has been able to grow to more than two thirty million in profits or over two hundred percent since it was launched in 2013.


Shawn Gold who is the company’s Corporate Marketing Officer says it has now been proven that consumers these days largely purchase their favorite brands due to the recommendation their peers of friends give them. In addition to this, Fabletics has also proven that consumer reviews have assisted their brand in improving loyalty, acquiring customers and retaining the customers. Shawn Gold also revealed that crowdsourcing forces them to be transparent and to focus on their client this benefits the brand hugely. Any brand is mainly meant for the consumer; therefore their say on it should be the ultimate goal of the manufacturer of the product.


According to the latest research performed by various renown companies. More than eighty percent shoppers trust personal recommendations just like online reviews. The research also shows that most consumers have lost their faith in traditional methods of advertising and marketing. Most savvy businesses understand this, and they include customer reviews as part of their advertising and marketing campaigns. This also means that most companies are looking for and more options of incorporating customer reviews in their brands. Take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz to find out which brand suits your style.


Kate Hudson And Fabletics


Fabletics was formed in 2013 after the founders of TechStyle Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler approached Actress Kate Hudson to start a stylish athleisure brand. The duo thought Kate was the perfect partner because she had all the attributes that Fabletics stood for. Kate is stylish, honest, active and friendly and these are the qualities of Fabletics according to the brand’s president Greg Throgmartin.


Kate has played the role of an active partner ever since she joined Fabletics. She has been occupied with the intricate designing process of the clothes, and she ensures that they are stylish. She has also been engaged in selecting the social media strategy, carrying out budget reviews, she also keeps abreast with the sales, marketing, and accounts of the various clothes. The celebrity has also provided a leeway for other celebrities to endorse it.


This includes renowned entertainers like Demi Lovato who believes that the clothes are ageless and they empower and inspire women. Although the company is now raking in a lot of money, just like any other business, Fabletics also faced a myriad of challenges during its formation. Some of the challenges included the negative press which damaged the image of the company.


This was attributed to social media and some celebrities like Cher who had the feeling that the Fabletics membership wasn’t authentic. The luxury athletics brand was also easier to draw on paper, but it proved to be very difficult to deliver. The company’s first three hundred thousand dollars inventory turned out to be of inferior quality, and they had to discard it. Others felt that their trendiest outfits were never available. However, with Kate Hudson communication campaign, business became better, and the company surged ahead.