MB2 Dental, Providing the Solution to Dentistry Profession

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the owner and founder of the MB2 dentistry. He is a medical practitioner with interest and vision to promote best practice from sole practicing to corporate industries. As a dentist, Dr. Villanueva has participated in the two fields; he is therefore well equipped to manage the firm professionally without jeopardizing the values of his profession.

Dr. Chris came up with the idea of the MB2 dentist to the realization that there was more he could do to improve the status of his career. He felt that someone had to intervene and develop the profession without any strings attached. Since inception, Dr. Chris Villanueva has offered professional assistance and help to dentists in more than six states and close to one hundred locations. Currently, MB2 has human resources of over 500 employees, and the plan is to increase the number as output increases.

When starting MB2 dentist, Dr. Villanueva was looking beyond profit margin ratios. The desire was to come up with a firm owned by a professional to take care of other professional dentists in the industry. The primary objective of MB2 was having fun, career support and self-improvement for the various practitioners. The benefit being satisfied doctors would ensure that clients who patronize their services end up receiving quality results. The efforts that Villanueva envisaged would ensure that the dental practitioners are happy and motivated at all times. The result is better services and growth of the profession.

Chris Villanueva came up with the idea to start the firm after graduation. Just like other dentists before him, he was faced with a choice to make; venture to private practice or join consortia of other dentists. If he decides to accede to the consortia, he will enjoy the benefits of scale and the earnings will be high initially. If he joins the private practice, the returns would be small at first, however, as the venture grows he will be able to reap big. He pondered about the two options and thought that it would be better if a single dentist can be at the both ends. Such thinking is what led to the birth of MB2 dentistry. The group was to help various practitioners enjoy the profession irrespective of their area of specialization. He figured out, if you place the rights and benefits of dentists first, they will be happy and motivated, as such they will render superior services to their clients.

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