Greg Secker Helps Traders Learn Techniques to Succeed

Greg Secker, a well-known businessman believes that by saying yes to things, you are able to figure things out along the way of the project. He believes that you should make a go at something. He loves to give money to charities and to people in need. He loves to help people to learn the way on how to make money, no matter where they are.

Greg Secker was not always interested in finance. He actually studied agriculture as well as food sciences in school. While he was studying at the university, he also began building and selling computers. It was this period of time that allowed him to learn to code within older programs and this turned him into what some call a geek. He went as far as creating 3D interactive models.

Upon making a good amount of money from trading, Greg decided to retire. He decided to find something to do in his spare time once he got bored from simply sitting in the house. He went to a number of seminars and when he learned that he could do the same thing that those seminars were doing, Greg opted to start speaking himself. He started to share his passion with all.

Greg started the Greg Secker Foundation which helps to show young people that they can use their life skills to start a good life early on and use their skills to bring their future closer instead of living life until 35 and then learning how to make money once they are broke. That is why he started the foundation.

Greg worked previously as the trading technologist with the Thomas Cook Financial Services business. This is where he learned how to develop trading systems among the foreign exchange. In 1998 Greg received the British Telecom Award for innovations within the e-commerce when he created the virtual trading desk which is an online forex platform used for trading. He decided to retire from the company in 2003 and opted to become a full-time forex trader instead. He set up the first trading floor within the living room of his home where he decided to start mentoring people so that they could learn the much needed trading strategies as well as founding the group known as the Knowledge to Action group.


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