Jose Henrique Borghi Extends His Working Relationship With Fini

The candy retailer Fini has recently revealed its latest advertising campaign designed to show the people of Brazil how eating a little candy now and then can make any day a little brighter. The mastermind behind this Internet and TV based campaign is legendary Brazilian advertising expert Jose Henrique Borghi, an ad agency founder who has been at the top of his profession for more than 25 years after working his way up from his first position of Editor with the Standard & Ogilvy agency. Jose Henrique Borghi’s Mullen Lowe agency has already proven a success with its launch campaign for the Fini brand developed earlier in 2017 and taking in both Online and offline content.

Never afraid of accepting a challenge, Jose Henrique Borghi set out on his own career path after working with a number of different agencies across Brazil to create his own ad agency under the title, BorghiEhr. The development of his own agency which has since become Mullen Lowe Brasil saw Jose Henrique Borghi begin his entrepreneurial career working in a spare room with his business partner without any employees on a project that has now become the internationally known Mulle Lowe ad agency.

Honors have always seemed to flow for Jose Henrique Borghi as the company has become a staple for the advertising section at Cannes Festival with 14 Golden Lions already heading their way. Perhaps the best-known campaign Jose Henrique Borghi will always be remembered for is the much loved Parmalat ad series, but the advertising legend is well known across Brazil and the world for his impressive work with brands including Honda, Fiat, and American Express.

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