Agora Financial Helps You Make the Right Decision First

Agora Financial is a financial publishing and research company that prides itself on helping investors find emerging investment opportunities before while they are still profitable. Unfortunately, by the time the mainstream information sources cover a new industry or company, it is often too late to invest as the potential investor has already missed out on the early stages of rapid growth.

There are other research companies out there, but Agora Financial boasts a proactive approach that sets it apart from its competitors. The company spends over $1 million a year carrying out research, including sending its researchers out into the field to gather information. Thanks to this approach, Agora Financial was able to predict the rapid appreciation of gold, the housing bubble, and the rise of biotech and personalized medicine before mainstream publications, giving their subscribers a chance to protect themselves and profit.

Founded in 1979 by financial writer Bill Bonner, Agora Financial is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It is part of the larger Agora network of companies that put out an array of publications and media products for several industries and audiences, including Agora Entertainment, which often collaborates with Agora Financial on documentaries about the financial system.

Agora Financial’s team of experts are frequently called on as commentators on television news programs. They edit and publish the company’s fifteen newsletters, which analyze different industries and sectors. In 2011, Agora Financial purchased Laissez Faire Books, a publish and book retailer based in New York City that specializes in Libertarian books and publications.

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