Omar Yunes Puts Mexico On The Map

Omar Yunes is a prominent businessman and entrepreneur living in Mexico. He is recognized more recently for the work he has done with the company Sushi Itto. In 2015, Omar Yunes took home the first place award for Best Franchisee of The World. The work and success he has made with the network created between himself and the Sushi Itto brand was finally noted.

BFW, or Best Franchise of The World competition, is a worldwide competition that takes place every year. People from all over the world come together to recognize and commemorate the best Franchisee’s. The most recent competition was held in Florence, Italy and representatives from 34 different countries attended the event. The main goal of the competition is to motivate Franchisee’s to encourage employees to work toward a greater goal, create new and innovative techniques to transform the companies and for the companies to display overall success.

Omar Yunes was recognized for the role he played in changing the relationship he had as a Franchisee with the Sushi Itto network, not just the brand. He also implemented programs that saved the franchise tons of money and helped the company achieve better customer service. In addition to Omar Yunes winning first pace, another representative from Mexico was awarded second place. Iván Tamer of Prendamex was recognized for creating the tools necessary to manage a new marketing system. The marketing system is now used throughtout the entire network of Pawnshops he works with and many others want to use this system as well. Together, both of these very successful franchisee’s have help put Mexico on the map.

Although a total of eight different people won awards, Omar Yunes really stood out. He knew that he wanted to be a successful businessman in Mexico at a very young age. When he was only 21 years old, he made that dream come true by becoming Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Omar Yunes now own 13 different units acros Mexico and hopes to continue his expansion in the years to come.

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