The Lifeblood of Highland Capital of Management

Highland Capital Management, founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada has become one of the largest investment and banking firms to service the market with alternative credit. The profile for the company fits that of any company with more than $15 billion in assets to manage. Those who struggle with distressed credit as well as those who are seeking an investment in their business will be able to call on HCM for the help they need and deserve. One of the toughest jobs the company employs is that of an investment analyst, those who assist in determining who can borrow and the investment that the borrower can take for their company or project.


Seeking capital for investment requires that an analyst have the proper training and insight into the company’s goals, dreams, and that they get the appropriate credit analysis. The strong communication skills of the analysts are what make those working with HCM some of the most highly trained analysts in the industry. Valuation of a company seeking investments and research for the industry are all directly tied to knowing more about the company that is seeking aid and how they can forecast business.


Highland Capital Management knows that the lifeblood of what they do on a daily basis for each company and industry is directly tied to their investment analysts and how well they perform. HCM is known for hiring those with a strong academic track record as well as those who have a strong post-graduate experience with a company that serves in the same marketplace. Those who can exemplify strong analytical skills and are considered to be strong in their skills for their marketplace are ideal candidates for HCM and their mission to serve others.


HCM takes pride in their work and this is evident from the top down through the hiring process. Those who perform well are always highly favored with the executive staff at HCM. The lifeblood of any great investment firm is that they have hard working and knowledgeable analysts to come on board with the company and to continue their education in the years to come.



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