How Is Eric Pulier Helping Chronically Ill Children?

Tinkering with computers and starting a data company seems like something you would hear an adult say they did over the span of their career. While that might be true for most when it came to Eric Pulier those were things he did before he even graduated from high school. Once completing high school his achievements only got bigger. Over the course of his young career, Eric Pulier was achieved a lot of things.


Completing a college degree at any college is no small achievement but Eric Pulier did more than that. He attained a degree from Harvard, with honors, while simultaneously taking classes at MIT. His level of dedication to his education is not unpredicted but it is incredibly astounding. Eric Pulier took his education and put it to use to chase after even bigger aspirations.


Creating companies was nothing that Eric Pulier was foreign with. In only a few short years he created multiple technology-based companies that became very successful. He had bigger dreams when creating companies and achieved them when he created something that had never been properly explored before. That was made apparent when Starbright World was created. Social media is something that all people, especially young people, have become extremely fascinated with. Starbright World is a social media based website in which children who are chronically ill can interact with other children who are chronically ill.


That is not the last thing Eric Pulier did to help children suffering from chronic illness. He built off of Starbright World and created The Painted Turtle, a camp for children who are chronically ill. He hoped that through this camp experience children can socialize and get an experience that they might not have been able to receive at a more traditional camp.


Eric Pulier is someone who is much more than a successful businessman in the technology world. After experiencing greatness his whole life he went on to do more than anyone could have thought possible. He created a way to help children suffering, Creating a social media outlet and camp for these children is something that those children will never forget.

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