The Priceless Benefits Attributable To ClassDojo

All parents want the best for their children and getting them good education is a part such desires. On the other hand, having a real picture of what a child experiences in school or their performance is costly. It is from this premise that parents use conventional methods such as attending meetings or making phone calls. With the fast lifestyles demanded by rising work commitments, the need for a new method has been in the offing. Consequently, increased use of technology has in many ways eased the parent, child and school relationship. However, a gap still existed until ClassDojo.


ClassDojo, a classroom communication app is designed to ease follow-ups required in learning institutions. Parents, teachers, and students are capacitated to share happenings at school making it possible to communicate on activities and child development. The consistent nature of the app enables the entities involved and more especially the parent to stay informed on school activities. As a result, parents are not caught unawares regarding their children’s experiences as previously was the case using old techniques. Therefore, parents are now in a more informed position, which empowers them to make better decisions regarding their children’s welfare.


Apart from its immense contribution to parents, ClassDojo is also essential in boosting students’ morale. When encouraged, students are motivated to behave positively in the classroom and make healthy choices. Additionally, positive behavior is encouraged with students understanding that their parents are closely watching their conduct.


Apart from the close supervision that students may feel, ClassDojo is also helpful in engaging both teachers and parents. When students are motivated to express themselves, negative outcomes are discouraged. The important aspect of student performance assists both teachers and parents help students in making decisions on careers choices. Considering its immense attributes such as the reward system, schools are also assured of giving the best to students.


As a technological product, Class Dojo still has room for more improvement that can make school management more modern. Compared to traditional methods, the app enables parents to have better access to reports on their children. For example, an all year performance can be simulated in a pie chart to visualize the performance.


When enhanced, the app could also be useful on issues such as financial aspects of school management. Though this idea may seem farfetched, such an addition will prove timely considering the technological level at hand. It is from this background that parents may desire to be in a position to acquire custom content associated with child development.

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Securus Helps Our Group Home With Prison Calling

Prison calling with Securus is very simple because of the way that it is set up. I have a lot of people in my group home who are trying to keep in touch with friends and family that they might have left behind in jail. They want to call back there to see how these people are doing, and they are going to help people make sure that they can get through their prison term. Some of these people are coming back to our group home when they get out, and there are many people who are going to feel better because we use Securus.


The people who manage the group home have given all of us the tablets we need with the apps that we use, and they are very easy to use. The application pulls up Securus in seconds, and then we can all talk to the people we need to talk to. I also want to be sure that the people that I have seen go back to jail can get help from me when I am chatting with them every day. It is a lot easier for people to get the help that they need, and it gives them some roots they might not have if family have given up on them.


Someone who wants to be sure that they can get the right kinds of calls through should use Securus. It is very safe, and I am trying to make sure that people who live in our group home will feel as though they are back in touch with something they need. I want them to be happy because that will make their lives better, and someone who is using Securus will see the people that they love very clearly probably for the first time in a long time.


Using ClassDojo in the Classroom

When a teacher decides that he or she wants to use ClassDojo for their class, all they need to do is set up the application. The app allows them to customize their classroom as well as the children who are in the classroom. They can have different levels of rewards for the kids and can even have different things that children can get points for when they do things that are positive in the classroom. The app is one that is completely customizable so teachers can make it work for their classroom and for the students who they have in the classroom.


Students are also able to customize the ClassDojo app. They can choose their avatar and customize it according to what they like. They can make it look like them or they can even make it look like a silly fantasy monster. The app gives the child complete control to make their Dojo look the way that they want it. This not only allows the child to do something for themselves but it gives them a sense of ownership over the app and the points that they get on the app. Students are able to feel like the Dojo is truly an extension of themselves.


When students accumulate a certain number of points on the app, they can use them for real prizes in the classroom. Teachers are able to choose what they are giving out as prizes and can let the students know what they are working towards. Children will have a better chance at getting what they want out of the app when they know that things are going to go positively for them and that they are going to be able to choose a reward based on the number of points that they have gotten from the application.


Parents are not left out of the Class Dojo fun. They are also included in the app in that they can make their own account to see how their child is doing. The teacher is able to give them access to their child so that they can see what they have. The teachers also have complete control over the parents on the app and can choose how to set up the parent side of the app depending on how they run their classroom. Teachers are also able to communicate with parents through the app and the integrated messaging system.

WEN saves hair from Future breakage!

Ladies I know that some of us love to abuse our hair. We love to heat style, perm, and color our hair to match our personalities. Over time through this wear and tear of styling, we end up breaking down our beautiful locks that we all love so much. Heat styling and coloring can cause breakage, this gets rid of volume, and your once healthy hair now looks crispy at the ends.

You can read online that the best thing for your hair is to allow your natural oils to accumulate and you can brush these oils through your hair to saturate your locks from the root to your ends but does this really work? Yes and no, your own natural oils are great for maintaining already healthy hair and encouraging new growth, but those crispy damaged ends? The only way to be rid of those is to trim them off at a salon.

Or so I thought, WEN by Chaz Dean has two products in particular that encourage your already damaged hair to heal and return to their former glory. The WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner is more than your average conditioner. This conditioner not only moisturizes your hair but it also adds shine and manageability to already damaged hair and the absolute best part is that WEN products can be used on all hair types so look no further!

The second WEN product I wanted to highlight was the WEN Re-Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. This product is a personal favorite of mine because when you use this product approximately once a week along with the conditioner I mentioned before your hair quality improves with every wash! I have seen the results for myself and I know you will be pleased to see them Get these products on Guthy-Renker.

Adam Goldenberg: A Developer Of Industry Leading Brands

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of JustFab. The co-CEO of JustFab knows how to expand business, spot trends, as well as create industry-leading brands. Partnering with Don Ressler, accomplish that by combining passion along with fun, which is rarely found in the fashion industry. Adam Goldenberg’s first successful business was a bulletin board service that operated online. He created the business in 1994 when he was 13. The venture received funding from his business, Bar Mitzvah money.

Subsequently, Adam Goldenberg turned his online business into a gaming website. Goldenberg named his second business, Gamer’s Alliance. The venture caught the attention of Intermix founder Bret Brewer. In 1997, Gamer’s Alliance was acquired by Intermix. Brewer did not know that Adam Goldenberg was only 17 when he made the purchase. He went on to employ Goldenberg as the vice president of strategic planning. At 19, Goldenberg was promoted to become Intermix’s COO. That made him the youngest COO.

It is at Intermix that Goldenberg met Don Ressler. At the time, Don was a successful entrepreneur as well as a brand building specialist that had sold his venture, Just like Goldenberg, Don also sold his company to Intermix at Prior to them meeting, Don’s efforts had generated more than $ 1 billion in sales. His endeavors had also raised a capital of more than $ 100 million for multiple internet companies. Goldenberg and Ressler became fast friends.

In 2005, Intermix was bought by News Corporation. The pair was frustrated by the new company’s lack of attention in their e-commerce firm, Alena Media. They left and soon started their own firm, Intelligent Beauty, an online brand incubator platform in 2006. Goldenberg and Ressler formed a number of brands including DERMSTORE and SENSA that turned out to be market leaders in beauty as well as health.

Building on the achievements of their initial brands, Goldenberg and Ressler started to conceptualize a new customized shopping experience, which could exist online. Their mission was to merge cutting- edge fashion with social interaction at an affordable price. Capitalizing on the untapped opportunity, Goldenberg and Ressler expanded Intelligent Beauty by building a personalized platform. They hired style designers and consultants. Additionally, they developed an affordable and attractive subscription model, JustFab on Zimbio. It is a style community that provides members with a selection of handbags, accessories, and shoes to their taste for $39.95 every month. JustFab created Fabletics in 2013. It is a site that offers athletic wear for its members. JustFab teamed up with Kate Hudson to create the athletic wear site.

Top 3 Things to Know Before You Go Bulb Hunting

1) There is a common misconception that you need to buy based on the watts. This is wrong. I will show you why. See, most people assume that the watts show the brightness factor. This is not true. The Watt level only shows how much energy the bulb is drawing in. There is a difference. There is something on the package detail called Lumens. Go by this. This will show you what you need to know. Gooee’s brand new LED lighting is not the same as incandescents. Don’t treat it as such.

If you want to see a chart on this, you can click right here.

2) You are going to pay more for this investment. We are not talking about $30 or less. Those days are gone. These lights will run you much higher. However, the payoff is that they last longer. You won’t have to invest in them as quickly, especially if you buy in bulk. Just a heads up.

3) Not every fixture in your home or apartment is going to be made for LED lighting from Gooee. We are letting you know this information right away. You will have to check each fixture to find out which ones will accept the bulbs.

Here’s a hint for you. Gooee’s LED lighting ( needs to dissipate heat. If your house is enclosed, it’s not going to work. You might need to settle for an alternative.

What The Midas Legacy Knows About Success

The Midas Legacy is now one of the most well-known consultancy firms in the United States. Helping individuals to retire smarter and helping entrepreneurs launch better businesses faster is what The Midas Legacy has been doing since its inception. Based out of Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy is helping a wide array of individuals to start businesses as well as to help many Americans retire better and in a more sound fashion. Those individuals that are seeking an early retirement are thrilled to find a firm like this where they can build their whole lives and not just their finances.

Every individuals that comes on board with The Midas Legacy is taught to address the whole person and not just the desired outcome. While many entrepreneurs may strive to attain wealth, they are not just appealing to the entrepreneur alone, they are also seeking to aid those businessmen and women to care for their whole being. This means that they desire to help individuals thrive mentally, emotionally, and achieve their desired outcome. Every individual has their own goal, and The Midas Legacy wants to help them achieve that.

Your desired outcome may be very different from the desired outcome of others seeking counsel from The Midas Legacy. What about early retirement? What about those who seek to only benefit from natural medicine? Those individuals that are seeking capital will end up leaving this firm with so much more. The areas of business are numerous, including medicine, finance, law, best-selling authors, and much more. There is no end to what today’s entrepreneur can accomplish with the help of a consultancy firm like The Midas Legacy.

There are also advisers that aid The Midas Legacy in better understanding how they can help those that they offer funding to for their businesses and charitable organizations. Midas gives back to the community in many aspects, and charities have received numerous contributions from those who have stepped up to to assist in the counseling of those individuals coming on board with The Midas Legacy. It’s no surprise then that this firm knows what it takes to be successful both in finance as well as in dealing with the whole person as well as in charitable endeavors.

If you were to choose an organization to work with today, would it be The Midas Legacy? Leaving a legacy is what the organization strives to do now.