Co-founder of The United Communications Group, Bruce Levenson

The billionaire businessman and philanthropist, Bruce Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland and was raised by a jewish family. He spent most of his younger life in Washington DC. When he later attended University he did so in St Louis at the Washington University where he received his Bachelor of Arts and then later decided to take up law at the American University. Bruce Levenson was very driven and worked his way to success. At a young age he attended law school at night while working on his journalism career at the well known Washington Star newspaper.

In 1977, Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson founded the United Communications Group (UCG) together which is a business information company that is privately held. The company focuses its attention on analysis as well as data and news. The analysis of healthcare, banking, technology, telecommunications, mortgage, energy as well as a group of other industries. Peskowitz and Levenson started with humble beginnings from Levenson’s apartment where they published their first newsletter about new developments in the oil industry and called it Oil Express. This was the start that formed the basis of the company. From there other publications were bought and the company started a database that included the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). As well as providing data and analysis United Communications Group also operate and own GasBuddy. GasBuddy is an application that allows users to find the lowest gas prices in their area.

According to ESPN, Bruce Levenson and a group of other businessman in 2004, bought the Atlanta Hawks NBA Team. This team was formerly known as the Atlanta Spirit LLC. Both Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson are the majority owners of the team as well as the large Phillips Arena in Atlanta.


Looking For Manhattan Offices For Rent As An Independent Contractor?

People who work as independent contractors need to have a degree of discipline in order to stay focused on their job. A recent online article showed how the new co-working spaces have significantly improved the way independent contractors view their work. The ability to work in an office setting where other people are working as well, has improved the sense of purpose independent workers feel toward the jobs they do. These people would usually work out of their homes or hotel rooms where the ability to feel part of a team does not exist. The shared office spaces allow them to interact with others in a professional manner, which in turn boosts their overall level of performance.

People who choose to work in shared offices also have a social obligation that makes them feel more involved in the workplace. These spaces help independent workers feel more like they are part of a community where they can learn, collaborate and share knowledge. The people who choose to utilize the new co-working spaces come from a variety of backgrounds including those who work in technical fields, entrepreneurs, freelance artists, writers and photographers. Even people who have a regular office to work in sometimes find the shared office spaces more conducive to completing projects because there are no office politics to contend with.

Comfortable and Cooperative Shared Office Spaces

Workville coworking space NYC is one of the leading companies providing spaces in New York City where independent workers can come together. This company caters to the unique needs of people who work in shared office spaces by offering flexible leasing. This type of leasing is better suited to the changing work schedules most independent workers have. They also have the freedom to come and go as needed any time of the day or night, with full access to shared printers and WiFi.

The shared office spaces available from Workville NYC are designed with plenty of light and comfortable seating. People choosing to take advantage of the co-working spaces available from Workville NYC can use them to complete projects, to work away from their traditional workplace office or to hold meetings. These offices are designed to create an atmosphere of efficiency and friendliness. In addition to the main work space, there are also several outdoor terraces, a lounge and a fully equipped cafe. Located within walking distance of area parks and public transportation, these offices take convenience to a whole new level.

Communication When It Counts Most: Securus Gives Free Call Access To Louisiana State For Inmates Due To Flooding

The flooding in many coastal areas has not been kind for thousands of people. It could happen to any of us. You, me, anybody. The people at Securus Technologies are lending a helping hand to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LADOC) via free phone calls for their inmates.


Each inmate will be allowed one free call per day so that any family members impacted by the recent floods can keep in touch easier. The free calls began when the heavy flooding began and will end September 7th. Louisiana felt a huge impact from the tropical storm Hermine and many other coastal areas did as well. The flooding in Louisiana was so intense that many safety issues and precautions had to be implemented in order to keep communications a viable option. As you can imagine, inmates have very limited access to their families already.


This show of compassion is just another way that the Securus company is doing all that they can to keep people connected. Richard A Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies stated, “Connecting inmates with family is a critical service that is core to what we do.” The 250,000 free calls will cost Securus an estimated $300,000. In addition, they will be donating $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at the LADOC. It is surely welcomed by the many incarcerated individuals worried about their loved ones.


The headquarters for Securus is located in Dallas Texas with regional office locations adding up to roughly 1,000 employees. The company was founded in 1986 with the sole purpose to improve the quality and speed of inmate communications. For more information on Securus Technologies, click the link in this article.



Susan McGalla’s Performance As A Business Woman

In these modern times, many women have pursued different careers and succeeded in their mandates. However, some women are not fully empowered on the useful measures that they can utilize to be successful in their respective careers.

In the past, corporations were synonymous with unequal pay, gender imbalance and inequality. To this end, different non-governmental and governmental institutions moved forward to curb these challenges. Some women have shown their abilities to provide proper leadership besides taking up challenges. Across the globe on, women are known to have a unique personality that enables them to perform different roles with a high degree of precision. In the corporate world, these women are taking up lead roles besides starting and running their own enterprises.

At present, the business world has many powerful women. In the near past, the business zone was male dominated. However, women such as Susan McGalla have played a crucial role in making women known. Women are becoming role models. They are also ready to assist other women get to the peak of their careers. Notably, women exude inherent skills that are crucial factors in their management positions. In addition, they are excellent at networking, which is significant in the corporate world.

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Susan P. McGalla: Executive Profile & Biography

Susan P. McGalla

Susan has proved to be a successful woman. She comprehends the efforts taken by one to go up the ladder and achieve her dreams. For Susan McGalla, passion, hard work, confidence and versatility have helped her earn recognition and better results in her career. She asserts that it is incumbent upon an individual to know his or her potentials traits that will help him or her move from being ordinary to extraordinary. During her formative years, she was aware that she was carrying a priceless commodity known as greatness. She was the only one who could unlock her potentials.

Susan is the owner of P3 Executive Consulting. This firm has its headquarters in Pittsburgh. She also works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the director mandated with the duty of strategic planning and growth. Susan’s expertise in the clothing and retail sectors is unparalleled. She earned her first paycheck at Joseph Horne Company where she worked for 8 years. Soon after, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters. Her work ethics, principles and hard work resulted in her appointment as the president of the corporation. She also doubled up as the chief merchandising officer of the entire entity. On her own volition, Susan left the company to serve as a private consultant. Suan McGalla has been providing advises to retail industries and financial investment corporations.

Basic Information on Kabbalah

What is Kabbalah? In the ancient time, there was this wisdom that revealed how life in the universe operated. Kabbalah, in that case, referred to the knowledge of finding fulfillment to human life. You can say that Kabbalah can be used to mean receiving or the study of how one can fulfill their life. At one point in life, it is possible to feel that life is just not what you expect. You have worked so hard to no avail. Success is taking too long to come your way. Kabbalah is the ancient way of teaching that a fulfilling life generates from one point of the universe. You can describe this stage in the sense that all the branches of life like career and relationship are all from the same root of life.
How does Kabbalah entertain universal principle? There is no specialty in the way it handles people in as much as faith is in question. Kabbalah allows people to come together without considering what religion is. You can share the information in Kabbalah and expect that you will use the given tricks to better your life one way or the other.
Why is it important to study Kabbalah? This question can also be quoted as the important of going to With the many questions people have in life today it is only prudent that all they want is to realize the meaning of their lives. There are a few things that almost everyone wants in life. These include finding happiness, a better relationship, etc. There is no point in life that you will get someone wishing to get poor health. This one of the reasons you will want to go to a Kabbalah center and seek help.
The following are just a niche of the many things that may make you see just how important you may need the help of Kabbalah. Think of a situation where you have failed to get any job regardless of the many applications you have made. And still, you may have a lot of financial needs. The best thing about Kabbalah is that it helps create a good life for you just like God planned.

The Kabbalah Centre’s website is a great place to begin your spiritual quest.

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