Meet John Goullet and His Revolutionary Approach towards Managing Diversant

When the news that John Goullet had been named as the Principal of Diversant finally appeared in the mainstream, everyone at the fast-growing tech world had a reason to celebrate. Although much of the news will not be deemed as a surprise because he was destined for that, it is his talent and character that have invariably contributed that. He’s a tech-savvy figure and perhaps a product of hard work and relentlessness in a rapidly growing industry.

To better understand his efforts and why he warrants such post, it is better to flash back to 2013 when Diversant first made headlines on the Forbes 500 List

As arguably the largest African-American owned, an ambitious John Goullet had worked there for over seven years and help spur its growth to where it is today. Diversant works to ensure that both the employee and the client blend well and are satisfied and with the solid business principles, being the most in demand IT firm today is a no-brainer.

John Goullet is an amazing entrepreneur, a skillful think tank and someone who can create something virtually out of nothing. He holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. But, it is his intuitive skills that have supercharged his career and helped him earn much in a short period.

Before going it alone and founding Info Technologies in 1994, he had gathered a deal of experience working with a plethora of firms. After just five years, he had grown a portfolio worth $30 million. He continued until 2010 when his brainchild finally merged with Gene Waddy and gave birth to Diversant.
Diversity spurs innovation – “empowered by difference.”

The IT industry is known for being a highly competitive niche, but the way Goullet sees it is entirely different. While offering software solutions that aim at offering lasting business solutions and lasting corporate relationships, his belief on teamwork can’t be overlooked. Right now, he’s at the helm, leading a team that comprises of some powerfully experienced IT experts and consultants. With his unique approach to the industry’s requirements, more success stories are in the offing!

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