Forget Single Manhattan Offices For Rent– Try A Luxe Coworking Space That Elevates The 9 to 5

Many people are gravitating toward a new social movement and mode of working. Instead of staying at home and working from a home office or hotel, people are opting toward the shared work space. Shared working spaces are communal places where the freelance worker or professional can come to get work done by themselves but not on their own. Communal work spaces provide people with the structure of routine and the focus of working within a group while working on their own.

The long communal tables and desks in shared working spaces allow people to come together while they are doing their work. This environment creates an inspiring buzz as every different type of professional comes to do their work in the same space. This “talent attracts talent” atmosphere also creates social possibilities that would not have existed otherwise.

One of these more prolific work spaces located in NYC is called Workville. Workville‘s Manhattan offices for rent are great for startups, who may have a small work force and would like to rent a private office with 6 desks and chairs. Individuals can also rent a quiet private desk and chair when they desire to be away from the crowd for some enhanced concentration. Even conference and meeting rooms are available for rent making the space a great destination at the hub of this inspiring city. Rates are available per hour, per week and per month making this a great alternative for people traveling on business, having a meeting in the city, or for people who live on the island and want to use the space for longer chunks of time.

WIFI, printers, desks, chairs, great lighting, coffee, and a cleaning crew on staff maintain a spotless, caffeinated and minimalist chic vibe that makes it easy for people to come in, clear their minds and begin a productive day. Enhanced features like outdoor terraces also give people the chance to step away from the desk and take in the city around them while taking a breather, or to take a cup of coffee on a comfortable leather couch while conversing with another Workville member. Taking these short breaks that are known to increase workplace productivity is an even nicer experience at Workville with these luxurious amenities.

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  1. Professionals from all realms can interact with each other sparking new possibilities for conversation and ideas. Workville has all the basic amenities that a work space should have. I have to say that can and will ensure nothing of such happens to them too in due season.

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