Sergio Cortes Is Prepared For Any Crisis

There are a lot of reports of the floods in Xerem, and Extra had a really nice story about all the things that Sergio Cortes was able to do to help the people of the area. There are things that have to happen to help thousands of people, and Sergio Cortes came down from his offices with the federal government to make things right.

He first assembled large teams of people to help with the medical care of everyone who was in need in the area. These people had to be checked for certain diseases, and they needed to be treated if they had been injured. It was important to send a lot of medical teams, and Cortes knows how to handle that at the federal level. He made sure that he checked the damage himself, and he committed the teams for as long as they were needed.

He also made sure that there was a lot of clean drinking water sent to the region that could be used by the people in the area. They had to have something because the water and sewer systems had been washed out by the floods, and people could go to water drinking stations where they are sure that they can get what they need. Any family or single could come to the water stations to get what they need.

The people who live in the Xerem area where the floods were were able to recover because of all the help that was given to them by Sergio Cortes and the people in his office. He wants to make sure that he can stay on top of this situation for as long as he can, and he will continue to work with people in the region until they have recovered.

Cortes supports the regional medical directors who do the work that he started, and he gives full support from the federal government. He made sure that the Xerem floods were handled the right way. He had a plan to help everyone after the floods cleared, and he made it happen as quickly as he could.

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Why Raj Fernando’s Chopper Trading Is The Best Place To Work

With over 150 employers, Chopper Trading ranks as one the best firms that attracts and retains employees. Chopper Trading’s team is composed of highly qualified individuals who have undergone a rigorous recruitment process to make the cut. With such a team, one is always challenged to work harder and improve his or her craft.

Unlike most trading firms that keep trader’s relationships strictly professional, the environment at Chopper Trading is completely different. Anyone who visits the 3,000 square-foot office during trading hours and after trading hours will be confused. When the market is open, the trading floor is bustling and intense. However, after the close of the market, the traders are usually down to bonding activities such as weightlifting, table tennis and poker. This information was originally mentioned on SBN Online as provided in the following link
The friendly environment at Chopper Trading is experienced both at the company’s offices and outside. Habitually, the corporation has season tickets for Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, and Sox games. Traders are encouraged to take advantage of these tickets and go out together in order to cheer during the games. According to Raj Fernando, the chief executive officer of the company, these activities help the staff to wind down and relieve stress associated with the intense work on the trading floor.

In most companies, the hiring process starts with the sending out of vacancy announcements. The candidates apply and the best applicants are selected. However, at Chopper Trading, the recruitment process is different. Fernando has designed the process to be lengthy and engaging. Through this process, the company has been able to hire individuals that are both team players and committed to the success of the firm.

Raj Fernando is a trader and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Chopper Trading, a company that he founded in 2002. He is a registered trader with Chicago Board of Trade as well as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Apart from trading, Fernando is also involved in philanthropic activities. He is a member of both the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. This information was originally reported on Raj Fernando’s website as highlighted in this link

Philanthropist James Dondero and Linda Owen Join Forces to take Highland Capital Management’s Charity Efforts to a New Level

What is Highland Capital Management L.P.? Highland Capital Management is an asset management firm based out of Dallas, Texas, with active offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul. The firm has been putting forth a lot of effort to expand its philanthropic activities. The firm is a huge supporter of The Dallas Foundation, donating around $3.5 million to non profit charities in partnership with the foundation. Th firms commitment to charitable giving is all thanks to their philanthropist CEO and President, James Dondero, who founded the company in 1993.

Dondero has decided to join forces with Dallas civic leader and former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Linda Owens to improve upon Highland’s charity efforts. Dondero hopes that Highland can inspire people with their commitment to contributing to charitable organizations. Dondero’s company has contributed funds all over the Dallas area. Highland does mare than just contribute funds though. They also help non profits in the planning stages of events and drives.

Dondero started his career with Morgan Guaranty training program, as an analyst in 1984. Before founding Highland Capital Management, Dondero served as a Chief Investment Officer of the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life.

These core values made Owens a more than willing to join forces with James Dondero. Owen has served as President and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation as well as being the former and President and CEO of The Real Estate Council. Owen is a well respected civic leader in the Dallas community, having her hand in many philanthropic organizations. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in economics and later attended the University of Texas School of Law where she received her JD.

Talk Fusion Receives The Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Award

Recently, Talk Fusion received the Communications Solutions Products Award of the year 2016. The Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) presented the award. The firm was credited for its outstanding products and services that enable data, video and voice communications. This prize is given to companies that have greatly improved their products and services offing or those that have new products in the market

This was the second time that the award was going to the major media outlet. The CEO of TMC, Richard Tehrani, said that he was pleased to honor Talk Fusion with the award since they delivered the most unique and efficient communication solutions. Talk Fusion is always ahead of its competitors. Users of the company’s products are able to communicate face-to-face through their tablets, desktop or Smartphone with anyone at any location.

The innovative and effective video chat app is available on Google Play store and iTunes. The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, said that the advanced video app marked the beginning of a series of other apps. Ryan Page, the chief technical officer of Talk Fusion, posited that their trained IT team had exceptional plans for the future of their all-in-one video marketing solutions. He continued to say that since they are committed to offering the most reliable products and services, consistent video marketing solution would be a significant process. Apart from double accreditation from TMC, Talk Fusion had introduced WebRTC Recorder, free trials, and launched their website,, in less than a year. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as highlighted in the following link

Talk Fusion is a telecommunication company that focuses on offering all-in-one video marketing solutions to various businesses. Established in 2007 by Bob Reina, who is also its CEO, Talk Fusion seeks to see businesses become efficient, help them increase sales and profits besides maintaining a consistent flow of returning customers. Through their innovative and efficient products, Talk Fusion makes marketing more persuasive, engaging and memorable. The company has independent associates in more than 140 countries. These associates market the products from person to person as well as offering a free 30-day trial on their video marketing solutions for potential clients.  This information was originally mentioned on Talk Fusion’s website as explicated in the link below

Demystifying Eric Pulier

No single title can adequately describe this man Eric Pulier. He is an established entrepreneur having founded over fifteen companies. He is also a columnist as well as a published author and a public speaker. Eric is a known technologist with numerous technological ideas to his name. He is also a dedicated philanthropist.

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck. He began interacting with computers at a tender age. He attended Teaneck High School where he graduated in 1984. He proceeded to Harvard University where he attained his BA degree. In college, he studied different subjects including English & American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual & Environmental Studies. He was the editor of the Harvard Crimson Weekly where he also authored a weekly column. While studying at Harvard, he also took classes at the neighboring MIT.

The 49-years-old Pulier moved to Los Angeles and began his career by founding People Doing Things in 1991. PDT was a company that used technology to address issues in the healthcare and education sectors. He later founded interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994, which later merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998.

Eric can be described as a serial entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded several other companies. He has raised millions for ventures he has founded, before proceeding to invest in venture capitalist funds as well.

Mr. Pulier is a family man and a proud father of four children. His love for kids led him to influence the building of a private social network serving chronically ill children, known as Starbright World. The network allows the kids to chat, blog, and post content besides meeting other children who share similar experiences.

Pulier was selected to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997. He was also asked to join the Center for Telecommunications Management board at the USC Marshall School by Mr. Morley Winograd. Mr. Pulier is an active philanthropist notably using technology to solve problems not only in the U.S. but all over the world.

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Meet John Goullet and His Revolutionary Approach towards Managing Diversant

When the news that John Goullet had been named as the Principal of Diversant finally appeared in the mainstream, everyone at the fast-growing tech world had a reason to celebrate. Although much of the news will not be deemed as a surprise because he was destined for that, it is his talent and character that have invariably contributed that. He’s a tech-savvy figure and perhaps a product of hard work and relentlessness in a rapidly growing industry.

To better understand his efforts and why he warrants such post, it is better to flash back to 2013 when Diversant first made headlines on the Forbes 500 List

As arguably the largest African-American owned, an ambitious John Goullet had worked there for over seven years and help spur its growth to where it is today. Diversant works to ensure that both the employee and the client blend well and are satisfied and with the solid business principles, being the most in demand IT firm today is a no-brainer.

John Goullet is an amazing entrepreneur, a skillful think tank and someone who can create something virtually out of nothing. He holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. But, it is his intuitive skills that have supercharged his career and helped him earn much in a short period.

Before going it alone and founding Info Technologies in 1994, he had gathered a deal of experience working with a plethora of firms. After just five years, he had grown a portfolio worth $30 million. He continued until 2010 when his brainchild finally merged with Gene Waddy and gave birth to Diversant.
Diversity spurs innovation – “empowered by difference.”

The IT industry is known for being a highly competitive niche, but the way Goullet sees it is entirely different. While offering software solutions that aim at offering lasting business solutions and lasting corporate relationships, his belief on teamwork can’t be overlooked. Right now, he’s at the helm, leading a team that comprises of some powerfully experienced IT experts and consultants. With his unique approach to the industry’s requirements, more success stories are in the offing!

Forget Single Manhattan Offices For Rent– Try A Luxe Coworking Space That Elevates The 9 to 5

Many people are gravitating toward a new social movement and mode of working. Instead of staying at home and working from a home office or hotel, people are opting toward the shared work space. Shared working spaces are communal places where the freelance worker or professional can come to get work done by themselves but not on their own. Communal work spaces provide people with the structure of routine and the focus of working within a group while working on their own.

The long communal tables and desks in shared working spaces allow people to come together while they are doing their work. This environment creates an inspiring buzz as every different type of professional comes to do their work in the same space. This “talent attracts talent” atmosphere also creates social possibilities that would not have existed otherwise.

One of these more prolific work spaces located in NYC is called Workville. Workville‘s Manhattan offices for rent are great for startups, who may have a small work force and would like to rent a private office with 6 desks and chairs. Individuals can also rent a quiet private desk and chair when they desire to be away from the crowd for some enhanced concentration. Even conference and meeting rooms are available for rent making the space a great destination at the hub of this inspiring city. Rates are available per hour, per week and per month making this a great alternative for people traveling on business, having a meeting in the city, or for people who live on the island and want to use the space for longer chunks of time.

WIFI, printers, desks, chairs, great lighting, coffee, and a cleaning crew on staff maintain a spotless, caffeinated and minimalist chic vibe that makes it easy for people to come in, clear their minds and begin a productive day. Enhanced features like outdoor terraces also give people the chance to step away from the desk and take in the city around them while taking a breather, or to take a cup of coffee on a comfortable leather couch while conversing with another Workville member. Taking these short breaks that are known to increase workplace productivity is an even nicer experience at Workville with these luxurious amenities.

Restoring Your Online Reputation with Reputation Management Fixers

With the speed of today’s Internet, information both positive and negative can be read in a matter of minutes. If any interested party wants to know about you the information is readily available on the Internet. On the one hand, positive information can help you or your business very quickly. On the other hand, negative information can hurt you just as fast. Years of establishing a good reputation can be lost overnight and you may find yourself scrambling to bury negative search results before they bury your company.

Like it or not almost everything about you or your business is readily available online. Your potential customers can review your company before deciding to deal with you. A misleading article about one of your products can be devastating to sales. Professionals are not immune, bad PR can destroy your practice. Having your online reputation damaged will impact your personal success or the success of your business for years to come.

If you or your company are one of the unfortunate ones that have received bad reviews, poor press or any other type of negative information published on the Internet, you should seek the professional help of reputation management services in order to restore your reputation as fast as possible. Don’t delay, contacting a reputation management service as soon as possible can be critical.

You are not alone. Individuals, as well as major corporations, are often victims of misleading or false information. When choosing from the many online reputation management companies, select a company such as REPUTATION MANAGEMENT FIXERS. You will want to choose a company that can not only restore your good reputation but can help prevent it from happening again.

Fabletics Has The Right Leisure Clothes For All Women

Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson as a way to sell leisure clothes to women who just do not have time to pick out their clothes every day. These women need to make sure that they have clothes that will make them look good, but they do not have to spend their time fussing about the clothes once they get up in the morning. Kate Hudson does not waste time on her clothes, and she made Fabletics in her own image.

The plan at Fabletics is to make sure that all women get something that makes them look good without making them work too hard. Women who look good in casual clothes can take those clothes anywhere, and they will feel like they have gotten the best wear out of their clothing because they go to more than one place.

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These same women are going to want to carry extra clothes with them, and they will not have any chances to change all their clothes our for long periods of time. They have to have something that works for them on, and they have to make sure that they are going to have something that works on their bodies. They can use the clothes to go to the gym, or they can dress casually in the athleisure style.

The athleisure style is a lot of fun because it is taking over the industry, and now women will feel like they are wearing the most current thing possible. They deserve to feel good, and they can pick out the clothes with the best fit from Fabletics. they can wear clothes that flatter their bodies, and they can wear clothes that are in a style they would like. Some women can just make their way out of the house in a sports bra and tights, or they can wear the extras from Fabletics.

EOS Is A Fun And Healthy Way To Hydrate!

You have probably seem them out there everywhere. Those little handheld colored pods that look like a new piece of technology. What are they? Are they little portable speakers?

Truth be told as revealed by, those brightly colored little spheres are actually a lip balm. Contained inside the bright pink or swirly green colored sphere is another little sphere of goodness, Evolution of Smooth lip balm. This little pod of lip balm contains some of natures finest including Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter, all ingredients that are found in nature and could be consumed with no ill effect. This glorious combination of ingredients leaves skin on the mouth glowing with health, hydration and nourishment.

People who wear Evolution of Smooth just smile more. When the skin on the mouth feels hydrated and comfortable, it is easier to smile. Not only that, but the lightly fragrances and flavored lip balms smell so delicious and taste so good that the wearer can’t help but smile with joy. Visit the company’s Linked In profile for more info.

Everyone needs to use a lip balm from time to time, but wearing EOS balms becomes a force of habit because it is so nice to use. The next time you are in the market for a great smelling lip balm that is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, take a nod from EOS and put one of these pods in your palm. No more boring fake flavored cherry tubes, EOS is transforming the lip balm experience.

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