Desiree Perez’s Essential Role at Tidal

That Tidal has undergone a revitalization in recent months is undeniable. This is mainly attributed to notable album releases by some of its main artistes such as Rihanna, T.I, Beyoncé and Kanye West. The release of the albums through the giant online music streaming app has also seen its ratings improve significantly. After Kanye West’s TLOP drop, Tidal’s app reached its highest position on iTunes store. The release has purportedly attracted more than one million trial members to the app.

The success experienced by Tidal is mainly attributed to Desiree Perez, who has been a close confidant to Tidal’s founder, Jay Z. She has had a hugely successful spell working for the award winning hip hop artiste. Desiree has become renowned for her nonsensical attitude and tough negotiation skills. This has seen her negotiate tours on behalf of mega artistes signed to the streaming app. Perez belongs to the Hova Circle, which is a formidable group consisting her husband Juan Perez, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim and other notable personalities who are pivotal in Tidal’s day to day operations.

“Baby Ruthless”, as she has commonly been referred to in some quarters has helped Tidal to build a market for itself, more so among young music lovers. The creation of this market niche has helped the site to become a force to reckon with in the music streaming industry. The industry has for years been dominated by more established rivals such as Apple Music. Perez has helped Tidal to refine its releases to focus on what the consumers want. It has similarly redesigned its website to create three different sections. These are Tidal Discovery, which focuses on new releases, Tidal Rising for emerging artistes, and Tidal X for live performances.

Important Notes about Tidal

Tidal is a music streaming services, which allows members to subscribe and listen to their favorite music at a fee. It combines HD music videos, which are curatively edited. To date, more than 25 million audios and 85,000 music videos have been released through Tidal. Among all the music streaming sites, Tidal pays the highest royalties to artistes. It also has a unique ownership model, which allows artistes to act as co-owners.

Since its re-launch, the streaming service has acquired more than 3 million subscribers. Its co-owners are some of the most notable names in the music industry.

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