Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Chugging Along

Few movie franchises can lay claim to being hot commodities. In the days of superheroes and large explosions, the characters and films that can capture imaginations and inspire some big feelings are far and few in between. Whether or not Jack Sparrow, sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow fits that bill is up for debate, but nobody can argue that the forthcoming fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is going to be widely anticipated.

According to Screen Rant, “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the fifth movie in the Pirates series, is moving along in filming quite nicely and one of the production photos that showcases Jack in familiar territory, being captured by his enemies, is making waves on social media. The fact that the character has maintained such a large fan base despite being largely invisible for a few years is a good sign for the movie. Whether or not this tale will spring some new life into the franchise remains to be seen, but seeing Johnny Depp back in pirate garb is encouraging.

Whether or not a simple pirate will be able to steal any kind of box office bounty from the slew of super powered characters that have been hitting the cinema over the past few years will be an interesting challenge. However, as anyone familiar with the movies or Homejoy can probably attest, nobody should ever bet against the resourcefulness of Captain Jack.

Freedompop Is The Future of Prepaid

FreedomPop recently announced a free smartphone service. Customers who want the service must buy a refurbished HTC EVO 4G phone. The phone is sold for $199 and $99. After consumers purchase the phone of their choice, the company gives them 200 anytime minutes, 500MB of monthly data, and free calls to FreedomPop users. They also get unlimited text messages for free.

Why Consumers Choose Freedompop

This FreedomPop review says they have partnered with the top networks in the county. This is why the company continuously delivers fast services to thousands of users. Freedompop also offers special deals to consumers. For example, some users can reduce their wireless bill by $1000.

Plan Information 

Most consumers understand that 500MB of data and 200 minutes will not last a long time. This plan is suitable for consumers who only use their apps rarely and the calling service once a week. Other users will have to upgrade to another plan.

The Casual plan is found of the company’s signup page. This plan gives consumers free data for one month and 2GB of data for $18.

Freedompop also offers a service that gives customers a speed boost for an additional $4 per month. Causal users appreciate that the fastest service only costs $32 a month. Many other companies charge consumers $100 per month.

The Big Benefit

Although FreedomPop is a prepaid service, most people choose the extended term plan because it is cheaper than the month-to-month plan. Consumers who select the extended term plan must use the service for a certain time span.

Freedompop’s Terms of Service

Freedompop has a standard service policy. However, users can never perform any illegal activities. Whenever improperly activities are reported, Freedompop will cancel the service.

Because Freedompop is constantly developing new technologies, the company will grow dramatically over the next few years.

Guitar Hero Will Return!

‘Guitar Hero’ was a game that everyone loved, but it hasn’t seen a sequel in five years. However, the legendary game is making a comeback. When ‘Guitar Hero’ first came out, fans raved about how awesome it was. Sadly, ‘Guitar Hero’ would fall off the map because of the release of the next generation consoles. The video game world would soon replace ‘Guitar Hero’ with ‘Rock Band.’ However, fans said that ‘Rock Band’ could never replace ‘Guitar Hero.’ Game designers tried to spice up ‘Rock Band’ with new music, but eventually it got old. AnastasiaDate said after the departure of ‘Guitar Hero,’ music simulation games became a thing of the past.

After five long years, game developers have announced that a new ‘Guitar Hero’ will be coming this fall. Information on the game has been leaked, and it appears that the guitar for the game is different. However, the guitar’s design seems better and more realistic than its predecessor. Also, the graphics have been upgraded to an unbelievable new level. The game designers have also revealed that there will be several different views to play from in the new ‘Guitar Hero.’ This means that gamers can look out into a realistic crowd in first-person mode. Fans cannot wait to get their hands on the new game and guitar. For more information on ‘Guitar Hero,’ visit Rollingstone.

Daniel Craig Knee Injury

British actor Daniel Craig, the star of the most recent series of James Bond 007 movies, sustained a knee injury while filming a fight sequence for the upcoming Bond film called Spectre The 47-year-old actor traveled to New York for arthroscopic surgery to fix his knee. He is expected back at Pinewood Studios in England by April 22 after he takes time to rest and recuperate. Craig must get back to work soon if Spectre is to appear in movie theaters by the November 6 release date.

Craig is well-known for having set himself apart from previous portrayals of James Bond by making Bond more of an anti-hero than a hero. He often focuses on the darker aspects of the character. Although he wasn’t initially believed to be the right fit, a lot of fans and critics believe he has given one of the best portrayals of a very human Bond over all the other actors who have shared the role through the decades.

Yet, many people, including some fans at Bulletproof Coffee, are beginning to wonder if Craig, as with previous film “Bond” actors Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery, is too old to portray a character that has a lot of intensive action and fight scenes. Of course, this isn’t the first injury he has sustained on a Bond film. He also accidentally cut his face and then cut off part of a finger while filming Quantum of Solace.

A Surgeon, Educator, Giver: Dr. Rod Rohrich



Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a well-known surgeon and educator in the plastic surgery field. Dr Rod Rohrich is a professor and a past chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Dr Rod Rohrich has even been awarded and distinguished the professorship in Wound healing and Plastic Surgery. Not all plastic surgeons are board certified, but Dr Rod Rohrich is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He also has a clinical practice at Zale Lipshy University Hospital and the Tom Landry Sports Center in Texas.


When in school Dr Rod Rohrich completed his undergraduate and post graduate education with the highest honors from North Dakota State University. Baylor University College of Medicine is where he received his medical degree. He also received his plastic surgery residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center. He even extended his knowledge and training at the pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford. He has even served on the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as director. Dr Rod Rohrich even helped found the board of Governors of the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery. He always stays in the spotlight and involved in many plastic surgery organizations. He believes in and is actively involved in organized medicine. The National and International plastic surgery educational symposia are events he has chaired in. Dr Rod Rohrich always makes an effort in visiting over 150 national and international societies and delivers many scientific presentations on the topic of plastic surgery.


He always is involved in many great charities and causes such as the March of Dimes, Save the Children, Dallas Chapter of the American Cancer Society, Evergreen Gala Advisory Board, and he is a founding member of the Dallas for Children Foundation. This does not just involve him, but his wife Dr. Diane L. Gibby and Dr Rod Rohrich both have been co-chairs of the Dallas for Children Foundation. The Dallas for Children Foundation provides help in early childhood development programs for underprivileged children. He not only helps with underprivileged children, but volunteers with the immunization of homeless children too. He even extends his knowledge into third world countries and teaches plastic surgery surgeons about reconstructing burned and congenitally deformed children. He does not stop at educating people; he currently holds a patent on a new breast implant. To reach more surgeons, he is editor in chief of Plastic and reconstructive Surgery, a magazine that is well known for plastic surgeons.

Bruce Levenson Businessman NBA Team Owner And Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is a man who wears a lot of hats. He is an NBA team owner who co-owns the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He’s a businessman who co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG). He’s a philanthropist who was president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation” in Washington, DC. He is also a husband and father. Lets take deeper look into Mr. Levenson and examine some of the things he does.

One other hat Bruce Levenson has that I didn’t mention above is his journalist hat. The Washington Star is where his journalism career started. From there he went to Observer Publishing. There he was the information newsletter reporter. He later ventured further into the newsletter industry by starting several news companies of his own and buying others.

In 1977, Levenson, along with Ed Peskowitz, co-founded “United Communications Group” (UCG). They started the company in a storage room over his father’s liquor store in Washington, DC. The company started with a newsletter called the Oil Express. The newsletter reported on the oil industry. UCG also acquired other newsletters of a similar nature. UCG has won over 125 awards for editorial excellence. They won their first one In 1978. UCG started offering its information on-line in 1980, making it one of the first business information companies to do so.

It had been a long time dream of Bruce’s to own a professional sports team. In 2004 that dream came true when he became co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers. He and his partners had formed the Atlanta Spirit LLC, which later became the Atlanta Hawks LLC, in order to purchase the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Thrashers was thrown in with the deal. That team was sold in 2010 and relocated to Winnipeg. Under Levenson’s leadership, the Hawks have played in the NBA playoffs for the past seven years and are the only team in the Eastern Conference of the NBA to do so. 2015 saw 3 of the Hawks team members on the All-star team and their head coach named head coach of the Eastern Conference all-stars.

As a philanthropist, Bruce and his wife Karen have targeted educational ventures that help disadvantaged youth, with funding. A few of these are the “I Have a Dream Foundation”, which I mentioned earlier, the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program, the “SEED School” and the “PeacePlayers International”. To make sure that programs like these don’t fall by the wayside, Bruce and Karen created the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management, which is located at the University of Maryland. The main goals of the center is to make sure that the next generation of non-profit leaders get the education and tools needed to succeed as leaders. They also want to make sure that the philanthropist who graduate from the University are informed and motivated.

Bruce Levenson may be a man that wears a lot of hats, but he’s also a man that does a lot of good.

What is Skout all About?

Originally created as a social network for users seeking to greatly increase their social group, Skout has since expanded its scope and is now one of the most unique apps in its category. The app works on all iOS devices and can be downloaded from Google Play or The App Store. Additionally, it is available in multiple languages and has interesting features that competitor apps fail to provide. Currently, Skout is used mostly by college students and other young adults.

Last year, Skout developers added the “Travel Feature” to the app and that’s when the app downloads really began to soar. More than 10 million users have since downloaded the app! You may be asking, “What is this ‘Travel Feature’ all about?” Well, many users have begun using this added feature as a way to take virtual tours of a specified place of interest with someone they met on Skout. In some instances, users even use this as a means of a virtual vacation.If a virtual vacation doesn’t quite peak your interest enough to give it a shot, then you may be surprised to hear that others are then taking actual vacations with the person they met on Skout! Find true love, check out a fun place to take your mate, virtually visit the location, and then take him/her to the specified and agreed upon point of interest. It’s hard to find a reason why not to try Skout. Even if you’ve already met your soulmate, Skout is still a great place to meet new friends!

While there is currently a great number of social networks on the market that connect travelers while they are on the road; Skout’s travel feature tool puts a whole new spin on this approach. The creators initially intended the tool to perform two tasks. The first was a sort of technologically advanced modern pen-pal system that allows users to connect to people from different cities and make friends. The second intended task was intended for people who already had predetermined travel plans, be it business or something else, but had no contacts in the plotted destination.

According to the developers, they have been exceedingly and abundantly successful in both areas. Even though Skout was not originally intended to be exclusively a travel app, the travel tool has certainly gained much momentum with the younger crowd and that’s what Skout is all about!

Know Your Favorite Brand: FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a mobile phone and wireless internet service provider based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2011 with a dedicated goal of eliminating the digital gap through provision of free mobile phone services and wireless internet access to each person wherever they are located. Backed by companies such as Doll Capital Management, Mangrove Capital and Atomico, FreedomPop was founded by its current CEO Stephen Stokols together with Stevan Sesar. It sells tablets, mobile phones and broadband devices that are used with their services.

FreedomPop is laying its strategy of success through the utilization of well-placed Wi-Fi routers around the country to reduce cell phone costs. Stephen Stokols gained important experience prior to setting up his company as he served as a CEO of a video-chat and entertainment company Woo Media. The company sold its first smartphones in October of 2012 and in the same month managed to convert to paid users 5% of its free users. As a boost in its quest to expansion, the company increased its paid users to reach to 10% in November 2012. A further 10% of its users were converted from free to paid users to reach 20% by December 2012.

The company has been offering its free cellular services on Sprint’s network with a plan to expand its services to Wi-Fi to tap more customers who use Android devices through the use of an Android app while iPhone users will also be able to access the services in a couple of weeks once the iPhone app has been fully developed. The move is aimed at giving customers access to over 10 million hotspots for $5 a month. The main aim of this company is to create a better and cheaper alternative to the expensive cell phone plans on offer in the market. The company’s CEO has always expressed his vision to make his company a giant tech in the near future and expects the number of customers to swell above 20 million within this year.

FreedomPop is working with companies providing Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. This is being facilitated by their software that is enabling smartphones to automatically join these Wi-Fi networks whenever they are available, meaning they need not to connect to the networks manually. This will enable its users to utilize the more than 10 million hot spots spread across the country, some of which are not openly available to the general public, for $ 5 each month. The company has already

Another Kardashian crisis

The new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is upon us, and Bruce Jenner, formerly married to Kris Kardashian the momager for the Kardashian clan, admits to another bomb. According to an article originally posted on aol.com but re-posted on reddit.com, it comes to light that Bruce had been dating Kris’s best friend, Rhonda Kamihira. As always, the Kardashians all band together against any outsider, and unfortunatley, Bruce has been essentially banished.

According to The Real Deal, Kim decided to get to the bottom of it and invited Bruce to lunch to ask him flat out if this rumor was true. She was disgusted and disappointed to learn it was the truth. Bruce later went to visit Kris and she was very upset with the situation. Bruce didn’t see it as being a problem. His relationship with Kris was over. And Kris was fully fine with ending it with Bruce. She certainly didn’t treat him well the past few years even as displayed on the television show.

So what is wrong with it? Is there any problem with Bruce seeking love and friendship where ever he may find it? Personally, I don’t think so. The heart can’t help who we love and the relationship with Kris was over. Grow up, Kris. You moved on, why can’t Bruce?

North Carolina State Bans Alcohol From Some Fraternity Events

The Frat boy lifestyle is under the collective microscope, and what the country is discovering isn’t pretty or proper. North Carolina State is the latest institution of higher learning to suspend fraternity chapters from their campus. N.C. State is also banning alcohol from certain fraternity events. The ban is only for fraternities that are part of the Interfraternity Council. The ban is the direct result of on-campus behavior and recent national fraternity issues.

The Pi Kappa Phi chapter has been suspended because a pledge book was found during a search. The book contained racially sensitive and sexist remarks. The fraternity debacle is not going away. Universities around the country are taking a hard look at frat houses and how they operate. Anfip said it’s time to start treating frat boys like adult men.

Inappropriate social behavior on campus is a disease. This national disease thrives on campuses around the country. How can this country expect to overcome the racial and sexist mentality? Our universities are condoning and harboring future bigots and sexual predators. Fraternity life should build a strong moral foundation, not an uncensored attitude of entitlement that breeds dangerous narcissism.