Finding The Best New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey makes an ideal place to live for many people. People find that living in New Jersey has many important advantages. Those who are living here find that doing so allows them ideal access to many important things. Someone can take a day trip to lakes and mountains of northern New Jersey. The next day they can easily travel to the state’s beaches for a day at the shore. A third day can be easily spent exploring the delightful streets of Philadelphia or New York City. New Jersey’s central location makes it also easier for people to commute to a job in a major city while still enjoying access to a background and a large house.

New Jersey also offers people easy access to many kinds of housing choices. Someone may want to live in a house of their own. Other people may want to live in an apartment that makes it easy for them to walk to nearby restaurants and public transportation. Living in an apartment can also help the resident save money on housing costs. A rental apartment can be much cheaper than a house of a similar size in the same exact area of the state.

Picking out an apartment in New Jersey often requires a great deal of advance research and careful investigation. Someone living in the central part of New Jersey may find an apartment in a place such as The Aspire that offers all kinds of upscale amenities for New Brunswick luxury rentals. This kind of apartment can be ideal for the busy professional who needs to have a place where they can relax during their off time and not have to worry about cutting the grass or attending to other household chores of any kind. Luxury housing is often an ideal way to enjoy all that New Jersey has to offer.

The apartment hunter will often find that it is easy to see apartments online as well as in person. Doing so can allow them to focus on a specific area of the state that is best for their needs. Many apartments in New Jersey offer amenities such as a pool, a workout room, close access to transportation systems and the opportunity to have access to New Jersey’s excellent school systems. Anyone who is looking for such amenities should have a list of which particular amenities are truly important to them during the search.

Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth are Synonymous With the Outdoors

Andy Wirth is a natural outdoorsman who has the great outdoors running through his blood genetically. His great-grandfather and grandfather both being involved in the United States parks and recreations. Indian self-attended school in Colorado before finishing a higher education in Scotland. Recently Andy Wirth was appointed Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

Big Changes
Squaw Valley Ski Holdings hired on Andy Wirth as there CEO after having a member of the Cushing family run Squaw Valley Ski Resort for almost 70 years. Upon taking over at Squaw Valley, Ski Resort Andy Wirth was in charge of overseeing a 70 million dollar renovation. One that helped bring Squaw Valley Ski Resort back into the lime life, showcasing it is a premier winter destination around the world.
Boost in Business
Squaw Valley Ski Resort has seen a dramatic increase in its reputation in just a year. If the name Andy Wirth sounds familiar to you that might be because you saw him on the hit TV show Undercover Boss. That’s right Andy Wirth sported a mullet on Undercover Boss. This as he pretended to be a ski instructor in order to better learn the ins and outs of his resort. To make it a more favorable destination for everyone. Located in Olympic Valley Squaw Valley Ski Resort was the host of the entire 1960 Winter Olympics and is one of the biggest and largest ski resorts and ski areas in the world. 
Lovers of the Outdoors
Andy Wirth and his wife live in Tahoe where they are both active environmentalist and members of the community. The love of the great outdoors is exemplified by Andy’s passion to make the Lake Tahoe area more desirable and enjoyable place for people of all ages. Dedicated to environmental, and economic growth of the area Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Resort are putting their name back on the map. A name as a premiere destination for winter activities for anyone of any age.



In an article on New Jersey real estate recently published in HousingWire, the word on the future of the market in this recession and storm plagued area is positive, very positive, and the future is finally looking bright. That’s incredibly good news for realtors, business owners and homeowners in this hardy state, as the past several years have seen an onslaught of one rough bit of news after another.

While the rest of the US talked of a recovery from the Great Recession, New Jersey has been dealt with an ongoing series of difficulties, including two major storms  that decimated local businesses. High taxes and a depressed job market added up to a collapse in the real estate market, and no one could blame a New Jersey realtor for asking, “Why me?”

As reported in HousingWire, however, there is good news coming to the Garden State, with what looks like a major upswing coming in the real estate market as of 2015. And for business people in the state, that recovery can’t come soon enough.

What’s behind this turnaround in New Jersey, after so many years of financial setbacks? The answer is multi-faceted, but underneath it all is a strong belief by many developers in the value of this state as a place worthy of investment. Add to that a pent up demand in the real estate market, a drop in gas prices that is causing a mini-boom in local economies, and new tech strategies that are helping real estate professionals reach customers and provide them with better, smarter service.

Boraie Development is one company that’s shown a solid belief in New Jersey with a new luxury apartment building called The Aspire that is offering deluxe appointments and panoramic views at affordable prices. The successful launch of The Aspire in New Brunswick, New Jersey, by Boraie Development comes from smart planning and a long term belief in the future of the area. This high-end apartment complex is one in a long line of real estate developments in the area that are all about seeing potential even during tough times. It’s that kind of vision, from developers and realtors in this now up and coming state, that will really make a difference.

Bruce Levenson: More Than Just Basketball


There are some people in life that seem to have great amounts of success no matter what they do. One of those people is Bruce Levenson, who not only has started many successful businesses but is also the owner of an NBA team and a great person in charity. There are many different success points in the career of Bruce Levenson, and it looks like in the future he will continue that success in his life. Bruce Levenson also enjoys giving back to his Atlanta roots and loves pouring his life and advice in to young people.

Early Life

In his early life, Bruce Levenson founded a company called the United Communications Group. United Communications Group owns many different businesses, and for the average American the most well known is probably Gas Buddy. Although many people would be satisfied with having success starting a profitable business, Bruce Levenson was not. At some point during his tenure there as co owner, he decided that he wanted something more out of life.

Atlanta Hawks

Although he was born and grew up in Maryland, Bruce Levenson has always had a love for Atlanta. In 2004, he formed an investor group to buy the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Throughout his career, Bruce Levenson has always felt like the more positive influences there are in sports in a particular city, the better it will be in the long run. As the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has helped to turn the franchise around from one of the most reviled to one of the most loved. Using the business skills he learned as a founder of United Communications group, Bruce Levenson has also helped to turn around the finances of the Atlanta Hawks. The net worth of the franchise has increased significantly since he took over as the leader, and many expect that to continue in the future.

Charity Work

Bruce Levenson is a great business person that has enjoyed a ton of success. However, that is not the only extent of his life and he wants to give back to the community that gave him so much success. He is very involved with local charities in the Atlanta area, and even serves on a board of trustees for many Atlanta based charities. At the end of the day, there is more to Bruce Levenson than just his great business success.

FreedomPop Free Mobile Service Project is Rising Up

Recently on TechCrunch’s website, an article was posted about FreedomPop raising money for their free mobile service project where they plan to giveout free bundles of data, voice minutes, and etc. However, in order to accomplish such a thing, they have decided to undergo serious funding. Thankfully, FreedomPop has been able to raise over $30 million in just the past few months, which allows the company to be a step closer to reaching their goal and changing the world forever.

As said before, FreedomPop has major goals they would like to achieve in order to change the world, and one of these major goals includes building a free mobile service. In order to do this, FreedomPop has been trying to raise money and thankfully, they’ve raised over $30 million. The business has been able to raise more and more money each month thanks to trusting and optimistic investors that have shown interest in the plans of the company. In fact, the article goes on to say that the CEO and co-founder, Stephen Stokols, says that he plans to turn FreedomPop into an independent and strong-standing business. He also states that many businesses have been trying to buy the company, but he says it’s too early. The business is only 18 months old, but if they don’t raise another 50-100 million by next year, Stokols will consider selling it.

For now, Stokols is enjoying that fact that the business is getting much attention and is raising lots of funds in order to complete their free mobile service project. He hopes to see the business continue to flourish, especially with the help of these strategic investors. The article then says that he states that he can’t wait for the future has in store for FreedomPop.

Product Recognition: Your New Best Friend

The field of product recognition has been sliding quietly under the radar for the same reason that most intelligent technologies do: It is so convenient it just feels natural. Like a statue in the marble, product recognition was waiting to be chipped out. It went on seamlessly fitting into the lives of millions around the world without a second thought. That’s how you know you’ve gotten something right. No that a very obvious evolution is taking place, you can direct your smart phone to see things in very new ways.
Product recognition is like a little external mind that’s located in your smart phone. Starting with the revolutionarily and very catchy QR codes, visual searching has become not just a trend but a habit. Up until very recently, this software has never been applied to items and products directly, only images designed to bring you to a sit or app. The Digital Marketing Glossery, a website that helps us sort through all of the new and exciting ways to market, tells the story of our new product recognition expectations best. “After taking a picture of a product, a mobile user is connected to relevant information or offers via a specific mobile application.” QR codes are the caveman, product recognition apps and software are the aliens.
This is great news for companies looking to build their brand, reach more customers, and change up the way they advertise. It is ven better news for the shoppers everywhere who are trying to keep up with how we sell to them and dying for an easier medium than internet pop ups and junk mail.
Slyce is at the forefront of this science-fiction style improvement on product recognition. Making waves for the retail industry, Slyce and their far behind competitors are doing what consumers have dreaming of. As the company puts it on their growing Facebook page: “Sometimes you just HAVE to know where they got those shoes. Luckily, Slyce empowers brands to help you find exact and similar items.”

The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee, created by Dave Asprey who is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and author, is meant to make you feel incredible and invincible, as the name indicates. What is now to be a popular drink shared by athletes, celebrities like Kevin Bacon, and many more, Bulletproof Coffee is taking the world by storm. What is this coffee? Bulletproof Coffee is said to be effective with weight loss and helps to improve cognitive function because of the healthy fats in the coffee. The Bulletproof Coffee is an easy way to feel better every day.

Unlike the standard coffee that can be strong and bitter, made with molded beans, Bulletproof Coffee takes a different route to giving people great tasting coffee with one secret ingredient. What could that ingredient be? Butter that’s grass-fed and unsalted. Along with one-to-two tablespoons of butter, Bulletproof Coffee is also made from organic coffee beans that contain no mold and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil or, also referred to as, “Brain Octane.”

In addition to the great, soothing taste that comes from the coffee, Bulletproof Coffee also helps people to lose weight. How is that possible? Bulletproof Coffee is approximately 460 calories per drink, so it is a meal replacement for breakfast. Asprey claims that drinking Bulletproof not only helps to keep food cravings at bay, but that he was also able to lose over 60 pounds with Bulletproof Coffee and has never felt better.

Being alert and productive during the day is important for everyone, which is where Bulletproof Coffee comes into play. Actor Brandon Routh says, “It has given me so much more energy and focus,” about Bulletproof Coffee. Asprey, who drinks Bulletproof Coffee every day, explains that, “Fats and caffeine help stimulate the brain.” Many people continue to rave over how Bulletproof helps to keep them alert and focused during the day, helping them to avoid the dreaded “morning fog.”

Bulletproof Coffee is becoming a new way to enjoy creamy-tasting coffee, while helping celebrities, athletes, and regular people to lose weight and perform better with cognitive abilities. What’s next for the Bulletproof Coffee, people may ask? In the summer of 2015, Bulletproof Coffee is going to be opening a café and shop in Santa Monica, California, maybe one day being as well-known as Starbucks. “It will change your life,” Shailene Woodley says on The Tonight Show in an interview about the brilliant Bulletproof Coffee.

Mirko Cro Cop Wants More Revenge

Mirko Cro Cop is one of the greatest strikers in the history of mixed martial arts, and fans around the world love him for his aggressive style and powerful strikes. Over the last few years, Mirko Cro Cop was getting knocked out on a regular basis, but it seems that he is on a bit of a comeback trail. In his last fight, Mirko Cro Cop knocked out Gabriel Gonzaga with vicious elbows, and the MMA world was ecstatic when they saw the legendary striker win once again. However, Mirko Cro Cop is not finished yet, and it appears that he has a long list of fighters that he wants to gain revenge against.

Mirko Cro Cop was beat by Roy Nelson, Alistair Overeem, and Andrei Arlovski. Cro Cop feels that he is now a better fighter than ever before, but that statement might not be true. Mirko is getting up there in age, and fans don’t want to see him get knocked out anymore. However, some people would argue that Mirko Cro Cop hasn’t lost in a few years, but the UFC has the most skilled fighters in the world. It’s very likely that Mirko Cro Cop will suffer another knockout, but we are all hoping that’s not the case. Unfortunately, someone must win, and someone must lose. Bloody Elbowrecently published an article about this story, and it’s very apparent he is not done fighting yet stated Jaime Garcia Dias.

The Search Engine that Could

Visual search is (but is not limited to) the task of looking for something in a cluttered visual environment. For computers, this means it enables someone to snap a photo of an item, and then the computer knows exactly what it is and finds it for them. This is a relatively new software advent with vast implications. This does not mean to imply that visual search has no history, when it comes to computers. In 1914 Emanuel Goldberg developed a machine that turned standard typeface into standard telegraph code. This developed into OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as we know it today. Alongside this Edmund Fournier d’Albe was developing his Optiphone. This machine was a hand held scanner that was drug across the page to produce differently pitched tones corresponding to different letters. These both made computer driven visual search possible.

Visual search has many amusing and beneficial affectations. One of the more fun aspects of visual search is the new ‘snap and buy’ or ‘snap and shop’ programs. A leading visual search programming company, Slyce has most recently worked with Neiman Marcus. Providing for them a ‘snap and buy’ app for the phone. Slyce is a corporation that integrates its proprietary programs easily and directly with the phones that customers already use. Slyce has ensured that if you snap it, you can shop. Simply snap a photo of a pair of shoes, or a handbag, and the app will find them. Slyce’s proprietary visual product search technology has proven to be able to be 95% accurate. Some of their other services include, visual relevancy engines and ‘tag and display’ for social media and campaigns. For more information on Slyce, go to

Shopping is fun, but not the only thing that visual search can do. Visual search allows us to have programs that read to us, use thumbprint passwords and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) programing. The most research has been done in OCR and the programs that read to us. These have been refined over time to recognize more than one language or learn along the way, gaining characters the more it is utilized. Now, this technology is gearing up for cars that drive themselves, and learning computers. Those then lead to the birth of the artificial intelligence. (Granted it is a long way off but it is fun to think about). With visual search we are only limited by our imagination.

Study Shows Cat Videos Improve Mood of Viewers

The internet has proven to be a major tool in the realm of business, and streaming video websites have become a major part of that success. One particular aspect of watching videos on the internet that is the punch-line of several jokes concerns the short clips of cats doing funny and often stupid things. However, cat videos have a hidden benefit that many viewers might be unaware of until now.

According to EurekAlert, a researcher at Indiana University Media School has found that watching cat videos increases positive feelings and boosts the energy of the person watching. Apparently all those minutes of time spent watching fuzzy felines bouncing around can actually help everyone feel a little bit better. The study is good news for YouTube because the popular video streaming site has over two million cat videos upload, which means plenty of chances for people to snag some warm and fuzzy feelings.

In the end, news that something as seemingly irrelevant as a short video of a cat having some fun can actually improve emotions is groundbreaking. The power of laughter and the giggles that are produced truly do produce some interesting results. Having scientific data to back up theories will likely only add fuel to the fire of the cat video world, but at least everyone will have a valid reason to spend a few minutes fixating on the adventures of those lovable curious pets. That’s what Handy workers have thought about.