Know Your Favorite Brand: FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a mobile phone and wireless internet service provider based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2011 with a dedicated goal of eliminating the digital gap through provision of free mobile phone services and wireless internet access to each person wherever they are located. Backed by companies such as Doll Capital Management, Mangrove Capital and Atomico, FreedomPop was founded by its current CEO Stephen Stokols together with Stevan Sesar. It sells tablets, mobile phones and broadband devices that are used with their services.

FreedomPop is laying its strategy of success through the utilization of well-placed Wi-Fi routers around the country to reduce cell phone costs. Stephen Stokols gained important experience prior to setting up his company as he served as a CEO of a video-chat and entertainment company Woo Media. The company sold its first smartphones in October of 2012 and in the same month managed to convert to paid users 5% of its free users. As a boost in its quest to expansion, the company increased its paid users to reach to 10% in November 2012. A further 10% of its users were converted from free to paid users to reach 20% by December 2012.

The company has been offering its free cellular services on Sprint’s network with a plan to expand its services to Wi-Fi to tap more customers who use Android devices through the use of an Android app while iPhone users will also be able to access the services in a couple of weeks once the iPhone app has been fully developed. The move is aimed at giving customers access to over 10 million hotspots for $5 a month. The main aim of this company is to create a better and cheaper alternative to the expensive cell phone plans on offer in the market. The company’s CEO has always expressed his vision to make his company a giant tech in the near future and expects the number of customers to swell above 20 million within this year.

FreedomPop is working with companies providing Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. This is being facilitated by their software that is enabling smartphones to automatically join these Wi-Fi networks whenever they are available, meaning they need not to connect to the networks manually. This will enable its users to utilize the more than 10 million hot spots spread across the country, some of which are not openly available to the general public, for $ 5 each month. The company has already

Another Kardashian crisis

The new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is upon us, and Bruce Jenner, formerly married to Kris Kardashian the momager for the Kardashian clan, admits to another bomb. According to an article originally posted on but re-posted on, it comes to light that Bruce had been dating Kris’s best friend, Rhonda Kamihira. As always, the Kardashians all band together against any outsider, and unfortunatley, Bruce has been essentially banished.

According to The Real Deal, Kim decided to get to the bottom of it and invited Bruce to lunch to ask him flat out if this rumor was true. She was disgusted and disappointed to learn it was the truth. Bruce later went to visit Kris and she was very upset with the situation. Bruce didn’t see it as being a problem. His relationship with Kris was over. And Kris was fully fine with ending it with Bruce. She certainly didn’t treat him well the past few years even as displayed on the television show.

So what is wrong with it? Is there any problem with Bruce seeking love and friendship where ever he may find it? Personally, I don’t think so. The heart can’t help who we love and the relationship with Kris was over. Grow up, Kris. You moved on, why can’t Bruce?

North Carolina State Bans Alcohol From Some Fraternity Events

The Frat boy lifestyle is under the collective microscope, and what the country is discovering isn’t pretty or proper. North Carolina State is the latest institution of higher learning to suspend fraternity chapters from their campus. N.C. State is also banning alcohol from certain fraternity events. The ban is only for fraternities that are part of the Interfraternity Council. The ban is the direct result of on-campus behavior and recent national fraternity issues.

The Pi Kappa Phi chapter has been suspended because a pledge book was found during a search. The book contained racially sensitive and sexist remarks. The fraternity debacle is not going away. Universities around the country are taking a hard look at frat houses and how they operate. Anfip said it’s time to start treating frat boys like adult men.

Inappropriate social behavior on campus is a disease. This national disease thrives on campuses around the country. How can this country expect to overcome the racial and sexist mentality? Our universities are condoning and harboring future bigots and sexual predators. Fraternity life should build a strong moral foundation, not an uncensored attitude of entitlement that breeds dangerous narcissism.

North American Spine Blazing a Path Through Modern Health Trends

North American Spine is the leader in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery specializing in Neck and Back Pain Relief. Not all spine surgery techniques are equal. The fact is some so-called “minimally invasive” procedures are anything but. Instead, they may actually damage or remove healthy tissue, leading to worsening disc disease, which could ultimately lead to the need for future corrective surgery.

North American Spine provides a superior solution such as the AccuraScope procedure. It treats upper and lower back and neck pain using higher precision methods, providing a better noninvasive treatment allowing for faster recovery than other minimally invasive spinal procedures.

The most common procedure of AccuraScope treats the lumbar spine of the lower back. AccuraScope uses a thin, flexible catheter tube, which is inserted into an opening in the base of the spinal canal. Once inside the spinal canal, it can be maneuvered to multiple locations of the lumbar spine. Using diagnostic tools such as high definition cameras. The goal of the procedure is to pinpoint all sources of lower spinal symptoms and treat them with advanced tools such as laser. Outpatient procedures are typically less than an hour.

With the thoracic procedure, the doctor will use a needle for treating upper back pain. Because of the rib cage, surgery is commonly lower than with other areas of the spine. However, if surgery is required, even minimally invasive surgery could be challenging resulting with the same protective rib cage. The thoracic procedure is a less invasive alternative to treating herniated and bulging discs, which relieves pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal, with no incision.

Having chronic neck pain does not mean that minimally invasive spinal surgery will require fusion to stabilize the vertebrae. The North American Spine center cervical procedure uses a laser inserted through a hollow needle to treat the bulging or herniated disc causing you pain. The outpatient procedure usually last about 30 minutes, with the use of diagnostic tools used to pinpoint the source(s) of pain. The laser accurately repairs tears and shrinks the bulging disc relieving the pressure on the nerves.
North American Spine has logged over 8,000 successful AccuraScope patient stories, and procedures are covered by most major insurance plans.